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When writing articles you intend to submit to directories, it is tempting to just pound them out quickly. If you add specifics to your article, however, your article will get picked up by publishers at a much greater rate.

Everyone has a different style when it comes to writing articles for the purpose of submitting to directories. Many people try to indirectly create a sales pitch in the body of the article while others prefer to stick to purely informative articles. Whatever your approach, it is important to remember that you need to focus on making your article attractive to publishers.

When a publisher comes to an article directory, they are looking for something they can post on their site that is beneficial to their readers. When writing your articles, you need to focus on providing specific information the publisher will find beneficial. Consider the following.

Assume a publisher from a travel articles is looking for an article on San Diego. He or she reads two articles that fit the subject matter. In one article, the author talks about San Diego being a great place to visit because of the climate, beaches and friendly people. In the second article, the author talks about the specific beaches the reader should visit; the famous San Diego Zoo, where it is located, admission fees and hours it is open. Which article is the publisher going to pick up and republish on his or her site? The second article is almost always going to be the one.

When writing an article, delving in and providing specific information is important. There is a simple way to check your articles in this regard. Once you have finished them, take a break and then re-read them. Do any obvious gaps in information occur? If so, go hunt down the information and add it to your text. This will both expand your word count and make the article more attractive to publishers.

When writing articles for distribution, the primary objective is to get them picked up by publishers. Fill your articles with specific information and you should get the results you desire.

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