My Little Red Diary Part 3: Where I Went Today


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From the pages of your diary, you had to write about some %u201Cplace%u201D you visited. It could have been for a special occasion or a place where your parents forbade you to go. Visual stimulation for your travel composition is dependant upon your recollections and making it exciting enough for the reader to enjoy.

Consider these ten questions when beginning your quest to map out the traveling route of your story:

1. Where did I go (school, church, grocery store, the park)?

2. Who did I go with (a friend, sibling, parents)?

3. Who did I see?

4. What did we talk about?

5. Did I buy anything?

6. What time of the year was it (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter or the month you were there)?

7. Was there a special event going on that caused me to go here (A ball game, a state fair or a horse ride)?

8. What did I do while I was there?

9. How long did I stay?

10. Did I have a curfew?

Writing takes you to many interesting places because ‘Caction’ is involved. Details of where you visited, draws someone into your journey and they will get a sense of traveling with you. Think about the reason why people enjoy looking at pictures from a vacation, reading travel magazines and watching a travel related program or documentary on television. Was there any historical or unique landmark where you visited? Did you notice anything interesting about the landscaping or architectural designs? Did you tour some place that you've never visited before?

Here are some possible market opportunities to consider for your travel piece:

      Local newspapers (local or travel sections)
      Travel magazine
      Trade journals regarding traveling
      Educational websites
      Teen magazines (the top fun hangouts for teens)
      Airline magazines
      Hotel magazines
      Senior citizen magazines or newsletters
      Architectural or Construction Magazines
      Poetry contests about traveling
People are captivated by stories of traveling to places they've never been before, even if it's to a nearby state park. Give your readers the chance to experience your destination hot spot. Just because the place you visited seemed boring, allow your wings of creativity to take off and soar to greater heights.

Kym Gordon Moore is a public relations strategist for budget conscious new authors and coordinates creative marketing packages for her clients. She is fascinated with writing instruments, machines and other noteworthy objects that contributed to the progression of the art of writing. Many of her articles, essays, short stories and poems appeared in a variety of magazines, newspapers, ezines and anthologies.


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