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Love ….

Knows no boundaries
Triumphs in a losing battle.
Surmounts the toughest of challenges.
Spans space and time for all eternity
Ignores the separation of age and experience
Is unconditional during good and bad
Is nurtured through belief and understanding
Is built upon a strong foundation of friendship
Evolves and grows during special moments of passion and bonding
Is feeling the presence of a unique energy, even when eyes do not meet
Is believing the impossible to be.
Is letting your heart write the future and not the mind.
Is the deepening of union with each passing day.
Is listening to that inner voice that says, “follow your heart”.
Is never wanting to let you out of my arms when I hold you.
Is two souls who are meant to be.
Is answering my questions before I ask.
Grows greener in a garden of friendship.
Brings balance to a world of unfair outcomes.
Defies all odds.
Deepens through devotion.
Is easier done when said. . .
Is everything I feel when I look deep into your eyes.
Love can be the biggest loss in the world when we forget what we have. . .
I have NOTHING in this world, if I don't have YOU. . .

If we try, is just within our grasp if indeed we reach.

Phil Sottile, a noted expert in the field of Sports Medicine and Fitness, is also a free lance writer in the subjects of philosphy, short story, prose, and poetry. “The integration of the mind is what empowers the body. A nurtured soul will defy odds and cause the body to do the amazing and the impossible!"


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Sacred Love - Building a Relationship on the Higher Ground of Dreams and Love
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