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My aunt’s experience of stockings

Liu Rui

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When a small house most of the time spent in the master. As Hongli not married, so I Hongli lived in the same room. Hongli four years older than me, but she has been looking to get as a child. Clearly remember one time she was lazy in bed so I’ll go buy something.

I’m not far away from the bed to watch TV. Hongli long, thin sexy stocking legs. Since I do not obey her orders.

She has long legs and showed me the effort. I was about to be kicked her about the time the ground. Immediately caught her feet. She did not expect lay still wear long stockings. But did not think was so slippery, grasping grip too. Sell out quickly.

Are forced to, I started catching her in the soles of the feet, her soft feet and stockings with out feeling really made me excited. Like jelly, like, really I was really afraid the precious stuff to tuck away as a form. Will be a little hard to grasp if it scratch.

Want it in your mouth, so I have a sense of appetite. Really anxious to talk about the wonderful things into my arms. Enjoy some good.

So I have Chuqian sexy stockings understanding of the inner. I like the stockings the shadowy figure of elegant, soft, caring and inclusive. Noble and generous manner appropriate flexibility, there are endless entanglement hypocritical sense of friendship happens.

By junior high, when I always would go to school after school hours through the stockings from the moment doing my observation. Stockings make me feel life is so beautiful, I had so strong is their desire and longing, the real happy one. I would like to see in class wearing stockings feet at the same table, let me fascinated. And when she found the time will be very proud of tilt feet. Good to show off her shoes. And the ladies I was simply not interested in shoes. She is a very lovely girl. Name is Zhang Ying. To be able to leave the things that I love recently, when I can make fifty cents a day. Not surprisingly, then five days will be able to buy eleven pairs of stockings small short trial, a variety of colors, all kinds of lace. Fifty-six pairs after a month I will have my favorite stockings. They made me confused. Let me fascinated. Occasionally I will be properly processed some of these stockings. Stockings legs can be cut when the wrist. Is also a good decoration looks very delicate. Of course brought me unreal feeling. Remember it was in junior high school years, when our last summer camp. We are very excited obvious. But this is the first time I have students from outside school activities. Bored. While at the same table was significantly very happy, not to chat with other girls look at the scenery, but I have not left a half step. She did not think the school is so concerned about me. To take things out of my points, because I did not bring anything, like Akira circle was gone. And I am surprised that the school dress she is wearing stockings below is actually two of them, especially in primary schools is rare. Suddenly I see her body only a very concerned about the room. Two slender legs with stockings of the foil is so with the model of temperament. Is one-third of that comes out of seven mature and moving. She did not look too much attention to other students. I then told her stockings and her feet playing a bad idea. Accidentally by the teacher when I took her to a nearby small river ran. She did not ask, just happy to run with me. Maybe we already have in her psychological understanding of it. Run about ten minutes, and finally to a very clear rivers. I adjusted his breathing sitting on a stone river. Look to the sky blue. Head-distant hill. Looking down her tiny Yuzu. I found that she was wearing red shoes. How not to wear shoes? She said you do not like to see Well I’m wearing leather shoes. That I have a vague impression. I motioned her to sit down and lifted her foot, to help her take off his shoes. Starting gently lifted her feet, with a sincere efforts to make any because she did not refuse me. Light hold this precious things calm psychological words to say to her: In fact, your feet than your shoes pretty much. She looked at me puzzled. Puzzling out a glimmer of a smile. I pretended calm under the head with two thumbs push her slippery soles of the feet, as if no access to what force I can slide into the toes. In the emptiness between the toes wiggle my fingers but I’d feel a bit passive feeling. I like playing with a very strange thing full of curiosity. I use hands gently squeeze the small objects. She still does not reflect, just stares at me. Then my hand began to advance to her calf. In her right leg below the I drew a semicircle in the gently touch her leg friction. I began to excited, the following things have begun to Jianting up. Hands on her feet and legs wearing stockings between the random wandering. When I was about to reveal her secrets deeper stockings when she had reflected, as if I found her not only the loose. But in the enjoyment of her body. Recovered feet, very natural to say: Good ~ ~ have been much better, thank you. I have suddenly returned to a sober mind. She is sitting next to me as the tilt angle with the body ventured to * me. Finally, the body nestled in my shoulder, from the formal to the relaxed, so sit. I used the foot to the water. She sat me put down the water. I suggest that she put your feet in the cool off who. She said that this would be wet socks. I can not say that the thing off. She looked around at the surrounding, optimistic about no one else around. My existence is not recommended. The details of her actions told me that I make her more at ease. No scruples. After determining standing behind me I looked down at my reflection in the river behind the image. She was first put his hand on the bottom of the skirt to pantyhose sexy stockings novel network to share your story. Then quickly lift a ton of time so I want to tie the screen to the water before my eyes. I saw her was complete but the perfect legs wrapped in stockings. Across the sun between her legs to the crystal with a thorough stockings. I seem to see the world’s treasures. I do not know where their is not Red. If things do not exist. – My hands are wet. This is a fight I was awake. Zhe Shirang I know she will help her stockings off. And I was a bit hesitant. – Come on. I quickly turned away. Fierce look, just embedded in the face of her in the middle of two beautiful legs. A burst of fragrance threw herself into my nostrils. Mind filling with blood as like. Face was a soft, lubricated and crowded with sacred objects. Hands do not unknowingly placed in the back of her leg. Forced to face more real contact with her stockings legs. Fusion with anxious out. I enjoy the smelling, sweets forward, rubbing force of the swing. She does not back up the line panic. Legs began to tremble stooped do not know what to do. Tens of seconds passed. I woke up again, looked up and saw her underwear was wrapped in silk stockings. White, very dim. The same is so small and cute, the original is decorated stockings to cover up such a small product is so eager to give to multiply. Really could not help but go. . My conscience awakened me. Things which I have just shy of the sink. Back of the head, not to see her. And again placed her hand on my shoulder. Said: You do not have this ah. I do not blame you, but I am actually a little scared. You know? I like you. Has been a long time. I believe you like me too. I will not too much to suggest that you do to me. But I believe you more of a reason. Help me off it. See? Suddenly I found her thoughtful and delicate as silk stockings as gentle tolerance. Girls do not wear stockings that is a sad thing how ah. I use two hands magnanimous mood to put her waist is the top of her stockings. Off her stockings the curve of her sexy stockings legs I grabbed the edge slowly down the arm. Stockings slowly into a ball even more flexible and binding sense. Until it rolled to her feet, I found such a large area can be spread even when they take off stockings is so small that there is a light soft flowing feel. I held her stockings, her feet in the water light name. Tuibian slender legs in my past I intend to go * I do not want to dodge. So quietly enjoying the contact with the skin. We talked a lot to talk to each other a lot. But my words were also mixed with a few lies. I confirm that I love her from now on good love her not too late. After a long time, the sky is not late. Students already back. I sent her front door. I gave her stockings, she then immediately stuffed stockings to my pocket. Said with a smile: The first time I wear is not too dirty, you help me wash it. Then turn my face, kissed her. How can I bear to wash it? Future years we have been happy living. Now I am married and Zhang Ying more than two years. If I leave it idle at home, then she got home, the took to the habit of playing with my hands of her stockings. Tilt sometimes complain of mouth told me that things do not always take the woman looked for this thing seems really important to know? Ha ha. My understanding is that all aspects of stockings is a woman, pleasant place in miniature. Love it there is nothing wrong, we should not feel guilty. Because of their own men love a woman is perfectly justified theorems and promise. Now when I’m home alone I like to cover the face of her stockings to bed, to think, intoxicated, waiting for her home.

About me: i am a china girl, infact, i wanna be a sexy pure girl, and i love stockings, wearring stockings, maybe you love , girls stocking legs , black stocking women videos, haha, does i say right?welcome to my new website china sexy girls


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