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What Matters in the Plastic Surgery Decision


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We are a social species and can be troubled if we have body characteristics we do not like. It might start as something small, but become all consuming as time passes. For many people, the idea of getting corrective plastic surgery will arise at some point in time. The question is whether you should do it?

Plastic surgery is often criticized as a form of vanity. Given this criticism, it is rather ironic that it is a very personal decision or at least should be. The television shows and magazines make it seem as though altering your body is no big thing. Well, it is. The nature of body modification is such that you must realize you are undergoing a medical procedure with all that entails.

What is the number one thing that influences whether a good result is achieved in plastic surgery assuming the procedure is done correctly and so on? It is the attitude of the patient. A patient that is gung ho to make the change is usually going to be happy with the result. One that wasn't really sold on the idea probably will be less enthused. This is true even if the same exact physical result is achieved.

How can someone be less enthused about plastic surgery, yet still go through with it? Well, they do so because of a flawed decision making process. Put simply, they decide to get the modification for other people or what they believe society expects is the correct course of conduct. Neither is a good reason to undergo plastic surgery and you will inevitably be unhappy with the result.

When considering surgery, use the point in time perspective when making the decision. What is point in time? It simply means don't get caught up in the moment. Instead, ask yourself if you will be happy you did the modification five years from now. If you are doing it under pressure from someone else, ask yourself how likely it is they will be in your life in the future. If they are the only reason you are considering surgery, you probably should not get it done.

Plastic surgery is a personal decision. If you are not getting it to make you feel better about your looks, then you need to serious consider the real reason for the surgery and whether it is one with merit.

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