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Rhinoplasty - Possible Risks and Complications


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The nose is a common answer when people are asked what they would like to change about their physical appearance. How about you? You know it's impossible to hide and can make you very self-conscious. After all, it sits right in the middle of your face.

You could wear a bandana and run the risk of being mistaken as a bank robber or you could consider rhinoplasty. Before you go through with the procedure though, you need to know the risks and complications that may arise. Here are some of the problems associated with rhinoplasty:

* Surgical Complications: There are risks with any surgical procedure. An allergic reaction to the anesthesia can make it harder for you to come out of it and can even be deadly. There is also the possibility of incision infection, excessive bleeding, bruising and swelling. A hematoma occurs when blood pools under the skin and, if it doesn't fix itself, the only way to fix it is with additional surgery.

* Sinus Infection: Sinusitis can occur after rhinoplasty because the nasal membranes are swollen. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatories clear up the infection and reduce the swelling fairly quickly.

* Numbness and Nerve Damage: Temporary numbness around the area is common, but it is possible for permanent nerve damage to occur. Nerve damage can occur anytime an incision is made on the body. Complete death of the skin tissue is another risk as a result of the nerve damage.

* Burst Blood Vessels: The incision as well as swelling can cause the blood vessels in the nose to burst. If this happens, you could be left with tiny red dots on your nose.

* Scarring: If you have a closed procedure, any scars will be hidden inside the nasal passageway. However, if you have an open procedure, you may have visible scarring, particularly around the base of the nose. Keloids are scars that are thick and very visible. A laser procedure would be necessary to reduce the appearance of that kind of scar.

* Toxic Shock Syndrome: Streptococcus and Staph bacteria are common in the nose. Rhinoplasty can incite a reaction from the bacteria which turns into toxic shock syndrome. This is a very rare occurrence, but if it happens, here are the signs: vomiting, diarrhea, fever and a rash. If left untreated, death can occur.

* Under/Over Correction: Aesthetically, there is a real possibility that your surgeon can either take too much tissue leaving you with a pinched or sunken-looking nose. This would require revision surgery that may even call for implants to correct the problem. If he doesn't take enough, revision is also necessary. To avoid this, be very clear about what you want and show him pictures of your desired look.

To protect yourself as much as you can from the risks and complications, you must thoroughly research your surgeon. Verify his credentials and make sure he is board certified and licensed to perform cosmetic procedures. You can even go a step further and find someone who specializes in rhinoplasty.

Be clear when you discuss the look you want and he can help you find the right fit for you face. Follow his post-surgical instructions to make sure you recovery goes as well as the surgery. Remember, you want to make the center of your face less noticeable, not stand out even more.

Rhinoplasty can help you look and feel good. However you need to know the risks and complications that may arise. For detailed information on risks involved in on rhinoplasty, Fort Worth consult the staff of USA Plastic Surgery. To contact them, log on to


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