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Thigh Lift - Giving Your Lower Body a Boost


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Sagging skin of the lower body is a problem that particularly plagues women who have lost a good deal of weight. This loss of skin elasticity of the hip, thigh or buttocks area can be a real detriment to overall body shape and contour. A thigh lift can be the procedure of choice for women who want a correction of the saggy, wrinkled, or dimpled skin of these areas.

The best way to tell if you are a candidate for a thigh lift is to grab the loose skin and pull it in a superior direction. If this maneuver dramatically changes the shape and contour of the thighs then this is a simulation of the result that may be obtained. The procedure does leave a scar but the trade off is a tighter, more attractive thigh and buttocks areas. The fat distribution will also change with the lifting of the skin creating an improved overall shape. As an added bonus, most of the wrinkled and loose skin will be tightened.

A thigh lift can be done only or in combination with other body lifting procedures. The operation is typically performed under general anesthesia. Some thigh lifts can be performed as an outpatient surgery. The design of the incisions and ultimate scars are quite important. This is a planned together so that the scars will conform to the type of clothing that the patient desires. There have been recent advances in scar design that result in shorter and more easily hidden scars. For the most part these incisions are placed in the groin and buttocks creases.

On occasion an inner thigh lift can be combined with a lateral or anterior thigh lifts. The buttocks can be lifted with a lower body lift or belt lipectomy type procedure. During your personal consultation your plastic surgeon will outline the procedures specific to your anatomy and match them with your desires for shape and contour. There will also be a discussion of what specific procedures would be beneficial to your particular situation and in what order they would be performed.

The post operative care following these procedures can vary from patient to patient. There will typically be drains that must be periodically emptied as well as dressing changes. Pain is usually controlled with a pain pump as well as oral pain medications. Usually there is a 1 – 2 week recovery period and most patients can expect to get back to normal by 6 weeks.

There are other body procedures may be considered along with thigh lifts, these can include liposuction, arm lifts, breast lift and breast augmentation. When the entire lower body needs to be lifted a lower body lift can be performed. This combines an abdominoplasty with an incision that goes all the way around the back. This is not an uncommon operation following massive weight loss.

Thigh lift surgery usually takes three to six hours to perform, depending on the severity of your condition and the amount of correction required. Depending on the amount of improvement you desire, this incision may extend all the way around the thigh or only part of the way around the thigh in the groin crease between the trunk and the thigh.

After the incision has been made the skin is elevated. The next part of the operation involves the removal of excess skin and fat. One or more drains may be placed beneath the incision. The incisions are carefully closed in multiple layers to provide support of the incision and to ultimately result in improved healing.

After the procedure You will notice an improvement in your thigh contour immediately. However, your shape will continue to improve over the next 3 months as the mild swelling subsides. You should be up and walking the day following surgery to prevent blood clots from forming in the legs. Your legs will be sore for several days, but this will rapidly subside. You should able to resume your normal daily activities within several days following surgery, and you should be able to resume all of your physical activities within four to six weeks of surgery. offers a natural looking result. If you are planning a cosmetic surgical procedure in Atlanta Georgia consult Dr. Jeff Zwiren. He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of the American Society for Plastic Surgery.


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