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Breast Lift Can Transform Your Looks


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More women over thirty are getting a breast lift to try to regain a youthful figure. Over time, a woman's body undergoes many changes, especially if she has gone through pregnancy and breastfeeding, which can make even a firm bust start to droop.

Most women with a sagging bust believe that their only option is to get implants. Little do they know that a lift does not always involve implants, and can simply raise their breasts to regain a youthful appearance. Others may decide to get a breast reduction coupled with a lift. Make sure your doctor has experience performing a lift.

Before the surgery, the plastic surgeon will move the nipple position and then tighten the skin appropriately to lift the tissue and make the breast higher and firmer. The doctor begins by marking where he will move the nipple. He then removes a top layer of skin and lifts the nipple and then tightens the skin. The wounds are closed and the blood supply is returned to the nipple.

There are minimal side effects associated with this procedure. Even though there may be a scar, it should fade through time. There is a risk of bleeding, swelling or negative reactions to medications or infection, but this is infrequent.

The results of your new shape can remain for years, unless your weight changes or you get pregnant again. Even if you do get pregnant, you can still nurse your baby, because the nipples and milk ducts are not manipulated or damaged during the procedure.

Once the lift is over, you should wear a special support bra for a while, until the swelling goes down. The incisions will heal eventually, but until then the scars will be hidden under your clothes. Your bust may look asymmetrical, but that will change when they heal. Some women may lose sensation around the nipple or skin. The recovery period lasts from seven to ten days, although you may feel sore for several weeks.

Ultimately, most patients begin to feel good about how they look and present themselves differently. The surgical procedure can range anywhere from $6,000 to $9,000, which covers the cost of the doctor, hospital and other fees. But, many women feel that it's worth the money for the lifelong results that they get.

Age, weight changes and pregnancy can affect the look of the body, But a sagging bust can be corrected with a cosmetic surgery. Remember that a this surgery will not create a radical change. So, if you want something more radical or dramatic, you can couple it with augmentation or enhancement surgery.

But, if you just want to lift your breasts to make them perkier, then a simple lift without implants is appropriate. Make sure to choose a doctor that can give you the peace of mind, while providing you will desirable results.

Before getting a breast lift, make sure you understand everything you need to know about possible outcomes and side effects, and choose a doctor with experience in this procedure.

In Valencia breast implants are sometimes required during breast lift surgery. Bakersfield plastic surgeon, Dr. Marc Lussier, has extensive experience in aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries. See before and after pictures, information, and financing options at .


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Breast Lift - Essential Facts
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