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Celebrities Who Go Too Far With Cosmetic Surgery - Part 1


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In this, the first of a 2 part article, we will look at what drives celebrities to go too far with cosmetic surgery and look at the cases of a couple of well known celebrities.

Looking good is a prerequisite of the celebrity world and this is something some will go to extreme lengths to ensure is the case. When this simply involves making sure the finish is flawless through tireless preparation the results can be startling but when some celebrities go the extra hog and undergo cosmetic surgery the results can be startling for an entirely different reason.

Cosmetic surgery, when used for the correct reasons and delivered by an experienced surgeon the results can be just what is needed to keep a celebrity looking fresh and top of their game. Unfortunately there are those who go that little bit too far.

Some celebrities have suffered both physically and mentally as a result of pushing the use of cosmetic surgery to the limits. Take the case of Katie Price who became known for her larger than usual assets. After having children she decided to go back under the knife for a breast reduction operation and this went successfully but, it seems, wasn't enough. After undergoing her 5th breast augmentation operation earlier this year she was left with a partially paralysed arm. This will recover with physiotherapy but should serve as a warning to those who take things too far.

We look next at the case of Leslie Ash whose lip enhancement operation went wrong quite publicly resulting in her being labelled as the star with the trout pout.

Leslie underwent Polymer injections into her lips in an attempt to achieve a more feminine look with fuller lips but did not investigate the procedure and substance that was being injected into her face. Following the procedure Leslie suffered a reaction to the Polymer substance and was left with a swollen hard area between her top lip and nose. She then had to endure months, leading into years, of painful public humiliation which left psychological scars along with the physical damage to her face.

Part 2 continues with a look at 2 more celebrities to have

You should always seek an experienced and qualified surgeon to ensure the cosmetic surgery procedures you undergo run smoothly. Particular care should be taken in choosing an accredited surgeon when undergoing breast augmentation surgery to ensure you get a safe and effective result as with any plastic surgery .


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