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Things to Consider Before Electing For Breast Augmentation Surgery


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Are you considering breast augmentation surgery? There are several pros and cons for such a procedure. Consider them carefully. The pros should outweigh the cons before submitting yourself to any medical procedure.

The most common reason for breast augmentation is for personal aesthetics. Many women believe that larger breasts will make them more attractive to others, and even to themselves. One problem with this line of thinking is that if a woman is not satisfied with herself before surgery, there is no guarantee that she will be satisfied afterward.

Some women seek augmentation for the pleasure of their partner. Same problem. The partner might be pleased at first, but if there are problems between the couple so overpowering that only breast augmentation will resolve it, it will still be unresolved afterward. The bust size is seldom the basic underlying problem to any relationship issue.

Models and actresses or other professions where body image is considered a vital component will also commonly receive breast augmentation as a way to make their bodies more attractive to modeling agencies, directors, producers, etc. Those seeking careers that put them in front of audiences in acting, dancing or other public performances may consider the procedure a necessity. Still, large breasts will not improve acting or dancing skills.

One thing you should keep in mind is that any surgery, no matter how common, can have serious side effects. These side effects can include permanent disfigurement and even death. However, breast augmentation today is now safer than it once was. Decades of research and experience have lead to extremely high success rates.

Not only can breast augmentation surgery now be performed more quickly, it can also be done without leaving the noticeable scars under the breasts that it once did. This is done by performing the surgery through the navel, the nipple, or the arm pit.

Some doctors believe that silicone implants are more natural looking and feeling than saline implants, but saline may be safer. When a saline implant breaks open, it is almost immediately noticeable because the breast shrinks quickly. Silicone implants may be harder to detect because they do not deflate as rapidly. The product may be floating loose in your body for several days or weeks without your being aware of it.

Always consider carefully the institution and doctor you plan to have perform the procedure. Check any complaints made about any of the doctors or clinics you plan to patronize beforehand. Remember also that many health insurance programs will not cover breast augmentation because it is considered an elective cosmetic surgery.

If you're considering breast augmentation in San Diego where prices are steep, try calling the Premier Plastic Surgery Group of Utah ( ). Our board certified doctors are able to provide high quality service at a much lower price. Billings Farnsworth is a freelance writer.

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Asymmetry in Breast Augmentation Surgery
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