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The Nose Job Without a Knife


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A slight imperfection in your nose can throw out your facial symmetry and be an uncomfortable issue to deal with, especially in your late teens. If asked there is most probably at least one thing that we'd all change about our faces and the nose seems to be the most popular choice and the one that can make all the difference.

Cosmetic surgery can be a solution to this but you should think carefully before undergoing any surgical procedure to ensure this lasting solution is what you want. Recently one cosmetic surgeon in the news has developed a non surgical nose job which can last up to 2 years and help you make the decision to go for a more permanent solution. The procedure can be a great alternative to Rhinoplasty and as a short term solution using safe and effective products certainly worth considering.

During the non-surgical procedure a gel is injected into particular areas of the nose to enhance its appearance. The contours are altered, bumps or indentations disguised, the nose straightened and the overall appearance much improved.

A Hyaluronic filler is used which is safe and a natural product so there should be no reaction and the product is slowly absorbed by the body over a period of 2 years leaving no traces behind.

This and probably a whole host of non-surgical procedures along with it could help people make the all important decision of whether to go under the surgeon's knife for a more permanent solution. It is always worth thinking about carefully before undergoing any procedure with regards to the psychological effects a visual change in your appearance could cause. Perhaps opting for a temporary solution can help you decide if you can live with a permanent change.

Before undergoing any cosmetic surgery procedure you should consult with a qualified and experienced surgeon to ensure any plastic surgery you receive is of the highest quality and carried out to the most stringent safety levels.


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