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Butt Lift Surgery - Buttock Augmentation


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Whether someone wants a bigger butt, a more rounded rear end, or simply a behind that is higher, firmer and more toned, it seems there's a cosmetic surgery that can do the job. Butt lifts and butt augmentation are being used by men and women who want to change their derriere. But as with any procedure, you need to get all the facts.

As its name suggests, a buttock lift will lift the rear end, causing it to look higher and firmer. Sometimes excess skin that is hanging or sagging can be removed as well. An incision is made and skin is removed and then pulled tight. The incision can sometimes be hidden in the folds of the skin. A type of procedure called the Brazilian butt lift is also being used. In a Brazilian butt lift, fat from your own body is removed from somewhere else, purified, and then injected into the buttock area. This results in a rear that is fuller and more rounded than a lift alone would accomplish.

If someone wants even more of an increase in the size of their derriere, butt augmentation is used. This is a type of cosmetic surgery that uses implants to increase the size of the rear end. This procedure can be used for patients who don't have a lot of their own fat for the Brazilian butt lift. It can also be used on those who want a very large derriere. In butt augmentation, the surgeon makes incisions and then places silicone implants in the correct location. The size of the implants depends on the amount of augmentation that is desired.

Neither the butt lift nor the butt augmentation procedure is cheap. Costs start at $15,000. Keep in mind that health insurance won't cover cosmetic procedures such as these.

The cosmetic butt surgery procedures are also painful. You won't be able to sit normally for several weeks following the surgery. There are also other complications such as infection and the issue of anesthesia. In addition, it's important to choose a board certified cosmetic surgeon. Finally, anyone considering this should make sure they've tried other alternatives first such as diet and exercise.

For more information on cosmetic butt surgery see Butt Lift | Butt Augmentation .


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