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Cosmetic Surgery Procedures - Why is it So Popular?


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Today, everyone's doing it - your mom, your grandmother, even your younger sister. It's cosmetic surgery and it's as common as having teeth whitened.

But you might wonder which procedures are the most popular for beauty. Much depends on a person's financial ability - a woman might choose Botox not because it seems superior, but because it's a cheaper option than a full face lift.

Even so, there are some plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures that are just simply the most popular these days. Let's look at a few.


Botox is injected into a person's forehead and around the eyes and helps to rid the skin of wrinkles, “worry lines" and other signs of aging. It's relatively inexpensive (compared to some other cosmetic surgery options) and it requires no stay in the hospital. In fact, it can usually be done within an hour and the patient is free to go back to normal life with no period of healing or aftercare.

There are few side effects, though some women experience numbness and pain. The procedure is relatively affordable (about $300 to $400 per procedure) but to keep the positive effects, the Botox injections usually must be repeated every three to four months.

Eyelid lift

This procedure is getting more and more popular. In short, the eyelid is reshaped to get rid of sagging and bagging. It doesn't remove fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, however.

This is a more involved cosmetic procedure than Botox and requires a day at the surgeon's office and about a week of recovery after. Some women have problems with eye blurriness after, and the eyes can also either tear up easily, or dry out quickly.

The cost for this procedure (which does not need to be repeated at regular intervals) is from $2,000 to up to $4,000 depending on where you are located, the degree to which surgery must be done and the surgeon's individual costs.


This procedure, in which fat is removed from under the skin by a special machine that essentially “sucks" it out, is becoming more and more popular among women trying to stay looking young.

Liposuction targets the fattiest areas of the body - the buttocks, the thighs, the abdomen and the arms - and provides a surgical method for removing fat from those stubborn areas.

This surgery usually requires a short period of recovery, during which infection is a concern, and also requires that women change their lifestyle habits so the fat doesn't return. Sometimes women will have the procedure done again a few years after the first, though that's not necessary to maintain the benefit (as with Botox). The cost is around $4,000 and up depending on where you live and the surgeon's costs.


As you age, your skin naturally sags and having a facelift is one method for tightening the skin on the face and restoring a more youthful looking appearance.

Certainly it's most important to find a good surgeon for this procedure, as many women - desperate to look younger - have had serious side effects from bad facelifts.

This procedure is more involved than all the others and requires a long period of recovery, usually about 2 weeks. Within the first week, it's also recommended that women not go into the sun. A good deal of bruising is possible, as are common side effects like infection and pain. Costs run $5,000 and up (often up to $15,000), depending on the kind of facelift you choose and where you live.

Hopefully you have a better understanding of the most popular cosmetic and plastic surgery options available these days. Although it seems many people are having these procedures done these days, just as many people are not having them done. But education is the key.

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