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How Breast Enhancement Surgery Can Threaten Your Life


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Thanks to Baywatch, a show where women with size DD breasts have strutted their wares on the beach, the eyes of a lot of women were opened to the idea that breast implants are gorgeous to have. Along with the success of the TV show came the increase in the number of women who had their breasts redone and improved.

There is really nothing wrong with having your *** done. In fact, this type of procedure is helping a lot of women find confidence and happiness, especially those who had to give up their breasts due to cancer and tumor growths. However, having breast implants is a serious matter. You need to carefully consider if this is what you truly need and desire for before going under the knife. It is not to be acted upon on impulse, like having a tattoo or having your body pierced.

In order to help you come up with an informed choice of whether to pursue your double D dreams, read on and learn about the problems that you can have from having a boob job.

Surgical Risks

Just like any type of surgery, breast enhancement procedures carry a wide variety of complications. Some can be mild, like bruising or a little pain and numbing here and there; while other troubles can be lethal such as thrombosis, infection, skin necrosis, internal hemorrhage and anesthesia-related problems. Some experts also say that majority of women who have had breast implants require additional surgical procedures within five years. There have also been speculations that about 70% of women who had breast implants for cosmetic reasons undergo further surgeries to remove their implants in a few years.

Localized Problems

Many comedians have used the local complications and problems of breast enhancement procedures as part of their acts. These things may sound or look hilarious on stage or on television, but if you were the one who experienced such ill-effects, you surely wouldn't find them funny.

The most common breast enhancement surgery complications include capsular contracture, pain and numbness of breasts, and scarring and contraction of breast walls due to the implants. Some researchers claim that up to 70% of women who had breast implants experience severe complications from the procedure within two years.

If you have not had any problems with your implants within five years, do not rejoice yet. According to studies, a lot of women experience leaking, rupture, deflation and deterioration of implants within 10-15 years. Another problem with the leaking or rupture of silicone gel implants is that there is no way of removing the silicone substances that leaked out of the implants, especially if it took too long to discover that there is a problem.

Nipple discharge, chest discomfort, decline in sensation of breasts, and change in the volume and shape of the breasts are also some of the complications that women who have implants may deal with. In the US, and in many parts of the world, reconstructive surgery is not covered by medical insurance so you better be sure that you have money for reconstructive procedures once you have decided to have breast enhancement surgery.

Systemic Complications

Although there are no studies to definitively conclude that breast implants can cause systemic complications, there have been many cases where women with implants end up having autoimmune diseases and other chronic illness. Connective tissue disorders and autoimmune diseases that are linked to breast enhancement procedures include fibromyalgia, human adjuvant disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, and Sjogren-Larsson syndrome.

If you want bigger and fuller breasts, there are other means which do not require going under the knife. Exercising your chest muscles, wearing breast-enhancing brassieres, and even using breast augmenting topical creams, such as Clevastin, can help you achieve your desire for a shapelier and bigger-looking chest. For more information about Clevastin, visit

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