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Liposuction - How Does it Compare With Exercise and Diet?


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Liposuction came to the market back in the 1980's and since then it has grown in popularity. Back then many thought that they would never again have to exercise or watch what they ate because tit could all be sucked out of the body with liposuction. But is that true? Is liposuction really an alternative to exercise and diet? Glad you asked! Absolutely not!

We're much smarter today. Most of us understand the liposuction is a very useful solution but that it's not a replacement for exercise and diet. We understand that liposuction is a tool in helping us to achieve our overall desired weight and body shape but it is not a stand alone solution.

Liposuction like any surgery has risks associated with it. There can be minor complications such as a reaction to the anesthetic, heavy bleeding, brown spots, prolonged swelling, or irregular body shape. There can be more serious complications including shock, fluid in the lungs, burns, bowel perforation, skin tissue death, and infection. And there can even be death, although rare it does happen.

Combine that to exercise and diet with no side effects. The worst thing that might happen is a strain or a sprain. Plus exercise and diet have long-term benefis. Liposuction can be long term but then it must include exercise and diet, otherwise one's likely to find themselves back where they started.

Liposuction should be considered if exercise and diet have not managed to bring the results that were desired. This is especially true in those stubborn areas such as the butt, abdomen, thighs, or knees. So if you've used diet and exercise to get to your target weight but you need help in one or more of these areas liposuction can permanently remove the fat and improve the contour of the area.

Liposuction is an option for healthy individuals but it's not for all. If you have heart disease, are diabetic, or have any other medical issues you need to discuss this with your surgeon who will then decide whether you are a candidate for the surgery. If you are overweight your skin will not be firm and the elasticity will be poor which means you won't be an ideal candidate for the procedure, until you use diet and exercise to tone and strengthen, for a much better surgery outcome.

Your surgeon will likely ask you to quit smoking in advance of your surgery. That's because smokers heal a lot slower than non-smokers because of restricted blood flow, and so to give you the best chance at excellent results and fast healing, it's a very common request from surgeons.

Your surgeon may also put you on an exercise program and diet for three to six months, and then have you return for a re-evaluation to see if you are a better candidate at that time. The reason for this is as mentioned before - liposuction is designed for troubled spots, so the closer you are to your goal weight the better success for your surgery and the more toned you are the better success.

Liposuction does basically what its name says - it goes in and sucks out fat cells. There's no question that this works. However, it is not designed to replace healthy weight loss and weight maintenance through the use of diet and exercise.

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