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Face Lift Cost Financing For Face Lifts


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Aging is a natural process which is also an inevitable effect of life and I cannot be stopped nor can it be slowed down. However, thanks to the constant advancements in medical science it is possible to hide the effects of aging from the rest of the world. One such treatment for aging is the face lift procedure and while in theory it is also a fairly simple procedure, choosing an inexperienced surgeon can have very bad consequences. It is therefore important to choose a surgeon who is not only experienced, but it also suggested choosing a surgeon who has been certified by the Board of Cosmetic Surgeons.

When it comes to the procedure, it first starts off with a consultation in which the surgeon will go over your expectations with you to determine what will need to be accomplished to achieve those expectations. Then once the surgical procedure actually starts, the surgeon will make a series of incisions along the hairline especially around the areas where the earlobes are located at.

From this point, the surgeon will use an endoscope to check the underlying tissue and muscles to make sure they are healthy and positioned correctly. Anything that it out of place is then corrected at this point in time whether it is the tightening of the muscles or the relocation of the sub tissues.

After the surgeon is sure that the underlying tissue is where it needs to be, he or she will then focus their attention on the visible tissue, the skin. Pulling the skin tight, but not to tight removes the folds and wrinkles as well as any loose or sagging skin. The suturing up the incisions and removing any excess skin that may be overlapping the incisions will complete the procedure.

At a costof $7,000 to $13,000 the face lift can be expensive especially considering it will not be covered by insurance so it is important to discuss this with the surgeon as he or she may have some very helpful insight available in the form of creative financing for face lifts as well as the possibility of some type of in-house payment plans and all you need to do is simply ask.

Find out more about the face lift cost and how you can get financing for your plastic surgery today!


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