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Labiaplasty Vaginal Rejuvenation Hoodectomy


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For many women, much like the breasts play an important role in your self image and emotional well-being, the genital region too play an important part. While many women are born with fairly normal labia minor, some are born with fairly large labia minor.

When it comes to the labia minor which are the thinner flaps of skin found on both sides of the vagina and whose purpose is the protection of the vaginal canal, these can be excessively large. In women who are born with enlarged labia minor, the act of giving birth can further enlarge them and with so many misconceptions associated with the labia minor, this can cause some serious emotional stress. The biggest misconception associated with the labia minor is that women whose labia minor are enlarged (camel toes) are loose and promiscuous. This of course is not true because women are born this way.

On another downside, if the labia minor become too large there may be some pain associated with them especially in the case of *** intercourse and the wearing of tight clothing in which the labia minor get pinches and often have to deal with excessive friction they are not designed for.

As a remedy to this enlargement of the labia minor whether it is just one side or both, the labiaplasty was developed. In this procedure, the surgeon will reduce their size as well as make them symmetrical. In some cases you may even be given the option to have the completely removed.

Along with the labia minor, some women may also choose to have the labia major, the visible folds of skin covering the vagina, reduced in size as well as possibly removed completely. As part of ensuring symmetry of the vagina, the surgeon may also suggest a hoodectomy which actually serves two purposes. First off the reduction of the clitoral hood helps to maintain symmetry especially in the cases where there is a significant or complete reduction of the labia minor. Secondly, the reduction or removal of the clitoral hood helps to increase the stimulation of the clitoris and increase the pleasure of *** intercourse for the woman who undergoes the procedure.

The extent of the procedure that you are willing to have done is entirely up to you to decide just keep in mind that some thing may just cost more so make sure you discuss costs with your surgeon prior to agreeing to undergo a labiaplasty or vaginal rejuvenation.

Find out more about vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty right now! Rejuvenate those important areas of the female body today.


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