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Your Guide to Getting Cosmetic Surgery Abroad


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Cosmetic surgery is increasingly becoming an option for a lot many individuals who would like to get that feel and look they so desired. The first stumbling block that one encounters in this quest for the cosmetic surgery is the cost. Then comes the revelation that it is not covered by insurance. In most cases insurance companies also advise you that you will have to bear some amount of costs should something happen to the part on which the cosmetic surgery was performed.

This is a double whammy of sorts and most people are not prepared for the same. Well if you start looking seriously for options then there are companies that offer medical tourism as an option. Medical tourism means that you visit the place and also get the surgery done. The main attractive part of that medical tourism is the low cost of surgery abroad in many countries.

This option can work well only if your cost in US is more than say six thousand dollars and you are looking for cheaper options. Anything below that will not make any sense as the cost of fights and hotels alone will add up and the rest of the differential will not be that huge to warrant a trip abroad.

You can do your own research and find out if there any hospitals abroad who do surgery but your best option are companies in US who specialize in medical tourism. These companies will take acre of everything and will also take care of you in case you end with a botched surgery. Some companies go so far to say that in case of botched surgery they will fly you again to the foreign county for remedial treatment.

This all looks very attractive on paper but a few key things are always necessary to check if you decide on getting surgery abroad. There have been cases where the attending surgeon was not a board certified surgeon or was not properly qualified. Also make sure that anesthesiologist is qualified enough . The anesthesia doctor is very critical to all surgeries. Make sure that facility is well equipped and has all the requisites for an emergency procedure should complications arise.

Rest assured there are good and reputed facilities abroad which can do the job comparable to what you will get in the US at a fraction of costs.

In the end it is definitely your decision but do your due diligence and research properly. Do not try to cut costs drastically as it involves your body. Once the surgery is done there is no looking back.

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Benefitting From Cosmetic Surgery Abroad- Three Main Reasons
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