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Watch What You Eat to Get a Youthful Skin


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Eating is what most people love and it is this habit which can actually make your skin look dull and bad. The fact is that our skin needs nourishment for staying young and that nourishment is provided by the kind of food we eat. If your primary aim is to look young without surgery then you need to watch what you eat.

The food we eat gets broken down into all sorts of vitamins, acids and other minerals by the enzymes. These vitamins and minerals are the vital ingredients that feed the skin. The junk food that we eat does not contain any essential ingredients for healthy skin and that causes the skin elasticity to go down the drain.

The vital and the most essential elements for the skin are the antioxidants and vitamins. Vitamins of different types nourish different parts of the skin. Each type of vitamin can be had naturally from different sources. For the skin to remain elastic you need to have Vitamin A and the best source for that is eggs and dairy products. It is Vitamin A which is also essential for hair and eyes. The skin metabolism is needed for the health of the skin. If you eat less of bananas or red meat then you need to start taking more of those. It is these foods which provide the Vitamin B for the skin metabolism.

Smoking is considered bad because it affects lungs but it also affects the skin. The best way to have a good skin is to quit smoking but if you cannot do that then at least start having more of tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and potatoes in your diet. All these are good source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C counteracts the affect of smoking on the skin.

Water is the single most thing which can help you keep yourself young and smart. Drink lots of water and it will get you rid of toxins and other unwanted chemicals. Looking young and getting good skin are one and the same thing. So eat well and look young.

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How Antioxidants Help You Attain Healthy Body and Youthful Skin
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