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Donut Breast Lift - What Are the Risks of Breast Lift Augmentation?


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When it concerns a breast lift surgery, every patient must know and understand the various types of incisions used to perform the procedure. Each incision type has its own particular purpose and therefore it basically depends on the severity of drooping that your breasts are suffering from when deciding the breast lift incision type. One of these incisions whose main purpose is a lift which is associated with some of the most drastic drooping and sagging that can be remedied. This incision type is known as the donut incision.

Since all incision types are aimed at removal of some skin, the concept of the donut breast lift incision is a fairly simple one. The surgeon will make an incision which completer circumnavigates the areola not just once, but twice and the results is that a donut shaped piece of skin is removed.

In this incision type, the surgeon is able to pull the skin from all sides of the breasts closer to the nipple before suturing the incisions up. What this means is that in the donut incision, the most amount of skin is removed as well as the must amount of skin is pulled taught before closing up the incisions. Before the final suturing occurs though, the surgeon will use dissolvable sutures in order to help support the breasts and the underlying tissue as well as remove the pressure from the visible incisions. The result is that since there is not gravity putting pressure on the visible sutures, the scarring will also be less visible.

It is important to remember to select a board of plastic surgeons certified plastic surgeon to perform your incision breast lift as the outcome will be far greater as well as the recovery period and your chances of having a complication will be far less. While you of course can always select any surgeon that you want to in order to perform your augmentation, the board of plastic surgeon's certification means that the surgeon is not only knowledgeable about the procedure but is experienced enough that they are capable of performing the procedure without the oversight of another surgeon. Some surgeons who are practicing breast lifts are gynecologists and pediatricians who have taken a weekend course on plastic surgery and jumped on the train as a way of increasing their income potential and may not know enough about the procedure to ensure you the best results that you could possibly get in that case their will be risks involved.

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