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What Are Your Expectations After Breast Augmentation?

Francis K Githinji

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If a woman is self conscious about her small breasts she will jump at the idea of breast enlargement. The anticipation of the new look will be evident in her voice when she first visits the hospital for consultancy. To know what your expectations after breast augmentation a consultant ought to show you before and after pictures of breast augmentation. This helps the patient to realistically set her expectations. You should know that health insurance companies do not cover for breast surgery unless if it is inline with breast cancer treatment(mastectomy). This is considered as beauty therapy and not medical therapy.

Many patients always ask their surgeons how they will look like after breast augmentation. Even if they do not speak it out, in their mind they always wonder how their breasts will appear on the mirror after plastic surgery. Make sure your consultant answers this million dollar question in his/her explanations. Many expectations after breast augmentation for many patients are instant larger breasts immediately after the breast implant. This is a disappointment for many since it does not happen this way. Many are not usually mentally prepared for what they will look like during the post-operative period. Clinical advice on what to expect after breast surgery is very important. If good counseling is given before hand, the patients expect “super pole fullness" which is a post-operative condition.

The condition causes the upper portion of the treated breast to swell. This is because the implant fitted in the breast has not settled at the bottom of the breast where it is supposed to be. A woman's breast can be fitting in a size 35B bra cup size before breast augmentation. When she chooses to undergo 324cc implants lets say place it right below the pectoral muscle. After 3-4 days of surgery the swelling will be visible since the breast tissue may not have stretched enough to be able to accommodate the breast implant. Your expectations after breast augmentation should actualize after approximately six months. This is the minimum time to allow the body to get used and to work together with the new breast implant.

A series of pictures demonstrating the augmentation healing process should be provided to you by your surgeon to help you to realize your expectations after breast augmentation. This is the only way to quench the patients concerns about what will happen after the surgery. Most patients worry about how they will appear in their normal clothing after surgery. Patients should rest assured that they will look just fine in most of their wears. Only a bikini or a bath suit that presents some problems. You do not expect to go to the beach after surgery. I advice you if possible to undergo breast augmentation preferably during spring rather than during winter. If you have got no choice but to do it during summer, a t-shirt worn over a bathing suit will be presentable too. During post-operative period, be keen to avoid exposing the would or the scars to the sun. It will interfere with the healing process.

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