"Her Abuse Never Happened," the DR. would say - An Olympia, WA Crime Victim's Account - Part One

Russ Miles

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Restrained by the sterile exam room gurney, an Olympian victim of repeated abuse could only pray that they didn’t “Put her to sleep. ” Oh, she had been spared the grim reaper’s fave rave on several other occasions by her unfailing faith. But this time was different. This was a “Protect-the-state-workers” endorsement mental health MD. His prescription could contain the authority to terminate the tortured trouble maker that wouldn’t keep her mouth shut.

She believes a benevolent God gave her the right words.

“I can follow the rules, ” she insisted, “I’ve just got to know what they are!”

“These things never happened, ” the Dr.informed her. “Do you understand that?”

“Okay, they never happened, ” the now vulnerable victim agreed. “But, the attempts on my life seemed so real, ” she half-pleaded, knowing that if she was to be convincing, she couldn’t give up too easily.

“These types of paranoid, false memories are most insidious, ” the good Dr. assured her. “After all, when you lost your home and children, you desperately needed to find someone else to blame. Now, my dear, I understand how much you do not want to believe this, ” he patronizingly explained to her. As a psychiatric specialist, I see it all too frequently. You are one of many, ” he persuasively continued–speaking off camera - beneath the over-door video that didn’t divulge she was talking to anyone but herself–-as unintentional tears exited the loony lady’s eyes.

“But, ” she started to protest. “But, well… I guess it must all just be in my imagination, huh?”

“Yes, I’m sorry that it is, ” the cleverly covert MD assured her. “These things never happened! You are not really very insightful. I am going to transfer you to another part of our facility for 21 days. I will I will see you every morning. With some prescriptions, and proper counsel, we will help you to forget. Whenever you are attacked by these delusional fantasies, you must remind yourself that these things never happened. We will allow you to go home if you’re thinking straight, ” he concluded, motioning to the aid that would roll her elsewhere, still strapped to the gurney.

[To be continued in An Olympia, WA Crime Victim’s Account - Part two]


This following excerpt is from Lisa Trei, News Service: 1/8/04

as published by the Stanford University News Service

Research reveals brain has biological mechanism to block unwanted memories

For the first time, researchers at Stanford University and the University of Oregon have shown that a biological mechanism exists in the human brain to block unwanted memories.

The findings, to be published Jan. 9 in the journal Science, reinforce Sigmund Freud's controversial century-old thesis about the existence of voluntary memory suppression.

"The big news is that we've shown how the human brain blocks an unwanted memory, that there is such a mechanism and it has a biological basis, " said Stanford psychology Professor John Gabrieli, a co-author of the paper titled “Neural Systems Underlying the Suppression of Unwanted Memories. " “It gets you past the possibility that there's nothing in the brain that would suppress a memory - that it was all a misunderstood fiction. "

The experiment showed that people are capable of repeatedly blocking thoughts of experiences they don't want to remember until they can no longer retrieve the memory, even if they want to, Gabrieli explained.


The questions might well be asked:

Do Doctors, Law Enforcement Agencies, the Courts, and Child Protective Services, work with WA State Capitol management to prevent prosecutions of “Important State Employees” who flagrantly break the laws to prevent the exposure of their involvement in illegal drug use, addictions, intimidation of victims, and other clandestine activities? Why aren’t Washing State employees required to take substance abuse tests? Where can violent crime victims find justice when the attorneys in Olympia, WA will not handle the “Hot Potato”? Why haven’t Federal authorities ‘Upset the fruit basket”? For one victim, at least, these questions still demand answers.

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