Gem and Crystal Jewelry...the Power to Heal?


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References to the power of crystals and gems and their use in spiritual and healing rituals can be found in the ancient Mayan and Hebrew civilizations. Today the practice of using stones and crystals continues with ordinary people across the world who claim extraordinary results.

By stimulating a person's thought, it is believed that crystals stimulate healing - both physical and non-physical. Stones in the red family - red, yellow and orange - are prized for their ability to produce energy. On the other end of the spectrum, blue, violet, and lavender stones have a calming effect. In between are the clear and aquamarine stones that having healing properties.

Many people use and combine crystals to improve a variety of physical, mental, and spiritual conditions based on the healing properties attributed to each stone:

  • Amethyst - This “spiritually uplifting" stone can reduce anger, and impatience.

  • Aquamarine - This beautiful stone protects your heart and your immune system and aids communications on all levels…especially on the physical and spiritual planes

  • Carnelian - The perfect stone for targeting your body's system, carnelian is a “stimulant" for your circulatory system, kidneys, appetite, emotions, and sexuality. It bestows confidence, assertiveness, and an unstoppable drive to succeed.

  • Citrine - Citrine can help with acid indigestion, food disorders, and allergies with cleansing powers aimed at your spleen, kidneys, liver, urinary system, and intestines. Mentally, citrine is valuable for emotional clarity, willpower, optimism, and self-discipline.

  • Coral - Use coral to strengthen your muscles and spine, and to promote bone and tissue regeneration. When it comes to your feels, coral can enliven and enrich your experience of emotions.

  • Diamond - A symbol of prosperity and love, diamonds increase personal clarity, trust, and confidence. They also amplify your thoughts and allow you to expand your strengths and positive attitudes.

  • Emerald: You'll breathe easier thanks to the positive effect of emeralds on your respiratory system. Emeralds can also help you get a good night's sleep and are believed to reduce the pain of childbirth.

  • Jade: The crystal of choice for courage, knowledge, justice, compassion, emotional balance, humility, generosity, harmony, wealth, and long life.

  • Lapis: Anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, shyness, nervous system, speech, hearing, pituitary, inflammation, pain. Mind expansion, intuition, creativity, spiritual connection. Organize, quiet the mind.

  • Malachite: Let go with malachite. Use it to release pain, reduce inflammation, and rid yourself of anger and depression.

  • Ruby: It seems only natural that the red, red ruby is valuable for blood clots, blood cleansing, menstrual pain, and even impotency. Rubies simulate circulation and “amp up" the pituitary gland.

  • Sapphire: Sapphires are used to reduce inflammation, lower fevers, and put an end to nosebleeds. They are also valuable for helping you tap into your intution.

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