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Name: Cindy Oliver Age: 44 Sex: Female Location: at the moment – Ensenada, Mexico Company Name Glass Infinity

1. When did you start your business?

I started about one year ago

2. Did anyone inspire you to start you business?

No, I was looking for a hobby, and found a passion. 

3. What powers your website?

I use an inexpensive web host, which is I used FrontPage to develop it myself

4. Name 3 websites or businesses that inspire/captivate/captures your attention.

1. 2. 3.

5. Your Favorite Music?

New Country.

6. Do get up with the business trends regularly? No, why not? Yes, why and how?

I do try to. It is not always easy when running everything for your business. But I take a look at what is selling, what season trends are. I find that when I do, my items sell better because I am making what people are currently looking for.

7. Did you design your own Website or business idea?

Yes, it has evolved as I have learned more about website building and design. I imagine that it will continue to do so. I started learning about both lampworking and website design last year.

8. What do you think makes your business interesting?

When I found glass, I found such an interesting media, which just continues to amaze me. Just the fact that something so hard, can become liquid is amazing. I can spend the rest of my life learning about it because it has such versatility. Also, I love the beauty of it, and the idea that someone can take my art, incorporate it, and make it their own.

9. Your advice for people just beginning to start a new business.

You need to start with something you have a passion for. If you start something just because you want to make money, you will probably give up. It takes a lot of hard work and patience. You don’t make money at it quickly, and you spend a lot of time at it. If you have a passion for what you are doing, all that doesn’t matter so much.

10. 3 years from now how do you see your goals?

We are hoping to move to the U. a few months. Our goal is to be able to travel to bead shows, getting into teaching others. I would love to take some website design classes, and I really want to learn how to blow glass( A friend is teaching me some how) I would love to learn how to make good murrini canes so I can add more detail to my glass. I would love to become better at writing also.

11. Your motto in life and business is?

The most important thing you can do in life or in business is to give of yourself to others. If you just take a quick glance at this motto, it seems canned, and totally unselfish. But when you take a closer look, there is an element of self centeredness.


Because in life, whatever you do, good or bad, comes back to you somehow. It may not come through the same person that you helped, but it does come. Always concentrate on the positive. Thoughts are things. Whatever you put your mind to, sooner or later happens. Be sure that it is good. As you practice on helping others and not concentrating solely on yourself, your character changes, and you don't worry so much about yourself. You see others in a more compassionate light.

Your problems, like getting ahead, money, and things are just not quite as worrisome or important. If you put this into practice, in life as well as in business, you will see the results.

P. S. These are not just my ideas, if you read any books on becoming success by Norman Vincent Peale, you will see the same thread running through them.

12. Your motto in life and business is?

Do whatever you want to do, and start it now! I see too many people working because they have to, in a daily grind, and not fully enjoying their lives.

Too many dreams on hold You don’t need to know the how right away, just that you want to, and are going to. Look at every step you take as leading you that much closer.

14. If you were not running your business, what would you be doing?

I would probably still looking for a hobby. That is what I was doing when I ran into the wire-sculpture website. Which led me to finding beads.

15. What is your favorite search engine and why?

Google. I use the toolbar a lot, and am starting to get more involved in the Google groups. It is important in search engine optimization.

We would like to thank Cindy Oliver for taking her time in giving us an interview with her. We wish you all the success in life at all levels.

Kindest Gratitude She Unlimited Magazine Interviewer: Senior Editor:: Veronica Marie Kettler

VÉRONIQUE MARIE KETTLER` is Editor-in-Chief for She Unlimited Magazine. and heads up the community at

Marie also contributes to various magazines and newspapers.

MARIE VÉRONIQUE is committed to making a difference. Making a difference in the Women sectors online, media and print.


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