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Judy Arline Puckett

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Recipe for Life

Pride can be sit aside, when you add too much pride it can overpower other very important ingredients.

Determination is something you can add with extra amounts.

Hope and faith are very essential. It is a sad life that is hopeless and without faith. You move mountains with hope and faith, Believe in yourself . Add truth and honesty for truth comes out evidentially and tastes better when coming from you. With caution add ambition, You need enough to be successful, but too much will control you. You need to add generosity and sensitivity, but do so wisely, otherwise others will take advantage of you.

Keep your enemy closer than your friend.

Be forgiving because hate and anger hurt you more than others. When you love someone don’t let the moment go without telling him or her ’Seize the moment;

As Shakespeare said, It is far better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

Losers are just those who quit.

Winners are not always better but they just never gave up, . So never give up and finish whatever you start. Sometime failure is good, It makes success sweeter. Never count on anything, There are no guarantees in life except that of God.

A quote from my daughter. Take my advice, I don’t use it anyway

The woman

To me being a woman is not to lose yourself, but to be yourself, Perhaps better yourself or improve yourself, But know the inner woman and just be yourself, To me that would be being the woman the situations of life calls for. To have the judgment to know how to react, and not be judgmental or others.

To know there are consequences for one’s actions and to know there are priorities. I believe I am truly unique and should be what I feel as long as it doesn’t hurt A woman should be at a man’s side, not behind him or ahead of him, but equal to him. The woman can be the heart of the home or the heartbreak the choice is hers to make. I feel I have inner strength that may be stronger than a man’s inner strength. The world is changing, but there are still consequences to what we do and others still get hurt. People that need professional help won’t ask for it ashamed and hiding it into their selves until others are hurt. This is true of both men and women. When compassion is gone from the heart you become less of a person in need of compassion yourself. A woman is all things, Romantic, Passionate, soft, warm compassionate, honest loving strong, with faith hope and intellect, with morals classy but yet sex appeal to herself and others. Her beauty shines with motherhood. God smiles at the masterpiece of art that He created, The woman.

Life lessons

Learn to fish, you will be always have food, Find a dream. you will always have a reason to live. Find love, and life is worth living. Find faith and you will always be strong, Find hope and you will always have courage. Find God, He will give these things to you. Give all of these lessons to your children. and you will leave a legacy.

Changes in the world

I believe the only way to make changes in the world, is not to remain passive if you see something wrong , or someone that needs your help. For no one changes the unseen wrong, Only with open eyes can a life or a social issue be changed for the better. Silence and passiveness can be a prison for change. Together we can make our world and our country a better place to live. But not without being a voice for those who can not speak.

Bio Of Judy Arline Puckett

I am currently residing in Monroe, La. I begin writing at the age of 11, and I’m 54 now. I am the mother of three and the grandmother of five. I love creative writing, poetry, digital art, art, photography, jazz, and blues music. I write poetry and lyrics on every topic. War, peace, love, heartache, religion, and abortion, which I oppose. I hope to write meaningful and worthwhile words that will touch hearts and make a difference in life.

"A poet is the voice for those who are without words. " - Judy Arline Puckett


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