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Body piercing has become very popular of late, from noses to genitals. But it's not as new as some may think.

There are many different styles and variations to choose from. All have different pain levels and aftercare procedures. Research your chosen area and piercing before going ahead.

Genital piecing has been around for many years and has been documented through out history from tribal ritual to the karma sutra. The biggest debate seems to be the ‘pain or pleasure’ one. Does a piercing increase *** pleasure or is it not worth going through the pain?

Piercings are available for both men and women, obviously every body is different but the general feedback seems to be on the positive for *** enhancement.

There is more variety of piecing available to men, the most widely known being the Prince Albert. (It is said that this piercing can lead to problems urinating whilst standing, check it out before you decide!)

For women the VCH (Vertical Clitoral Hood) is becoming increasingly popular. There are a few different ways this is done so make sure you have all the details you need before going ahead.

* Are Piercings Safe: If performed by a professional in a clean environment with the right equipment then most of them are.

* Will it hurt: Yes it will. . . but not for long! How much it will hurt will depend on the piercing you're having and of course everyone has a different pain barrier.

* Should I bother with aftercare: Yes, don't be tempted to stop caring for your new piercing because it seems to be fine now!

In some opinions Genital Piercings are fashionable, fun, look good and can be *** enhancing but only when done professionally! If you decide it's for you make sure you know what you want, how it's done and who is qualified to do it. Do not be afraid to ask for credentials. Genital piercings do carry a risk. Protect yourself and your partner(s).

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History of Body Piercing
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