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When it comes to relationships, most men have a tendency to lose interest awfully quick. Some may start to drift and invest most of their time in other activities (anything that doesn’t include you) and sometimes a man will stick around. You’ll get to be with him, just minus the spontaneous hugs and kisses. A lot of men view commitment to one woman as dreadful: seeing the same, old girl doing the same, dull, unexciting things. Why not hit him with some new and innovative gestures?

1. Fine, fine like a bottle of wine.

Is it your beloved’s birthday? If he enjoys a nice drink every now and then, present him with a bottle of what he likes (Hennessey, Remy Martin, Bacardi, Merlot. ) A beverage he and his friends can get toasted off of when they celebrate.

2. The Love Letter.

Express your appreciation for him in a sweet poem or letter. Mention all the little, wonderful things about him that attracts you. Let him know the appealing things about him that he may not have noticed himself. Don’t forget to spray it with an intoxicating fragrance.

3. Music makes you lose control.

Burn a CD with all his favorite slow jams on it. Or put him up on certain songs or even a different genre of music that he wouldn’t have otherwise listened to. He’ll think of you every time he hears it.

4. Hey, Baby, what’s your sign?

Hit the bookstore or go online and print out a full and thorough description of his and your zodiac signs. Converse about the traits he has in common with his sign. See if the stars declare that you two are compatible.

5. Make it a Blockbuster night.

Have an all-night-long-movie fest! Sit through all the boring, gory, “action-packed" movies he loves to watch. Rent a documentary on his favorite actor or sports player.

6. Extreme make-over.

Help him to chill out and relax. Give him a facial. Pluck his brows. Give him a manicure. All your girly beauty secrets—give him the whole treatment. Make him feel like a king!

7. Microsoft PowerPoint.

Make your man a cute little slide show. Design each slide with sweet, endearing words; short little poems; and pictures. You can even add music to it, have it play your favorite song while he views it.

8. It’s in the game.

Grab some beers and pick up the other Play Station 2 controller. Let him teach you to play one of his video games that you previously had no interest in.

9. Back to school.

Colleges offer a lot of Continuing Education courses. Sign the two of you up for a single-session lecture at your nearest institution. Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Acting, CPR, etc. There’s an array of interesting classes to choose from and it won’t kill your funds.

10. Cook for him!

Swing by the Supermarket and get the ingredients to his favorite meal. Not sure how to make what he likes most? Stick to a dish everybody loves to eat: Lasagna. Spaghetti. Baked Ziti. He’ll love it, regardless!

These 10 tips may be simple, but the trick is to develop an element of surprise. Don’t mention anything, just bust out with it! The mystery behind the gesture is what intrigues him. Experiment with these ideas and come up with some of your own. The key is to have fun and use your imagination to keep him digging on you. True, a relationship requires a lot of maintenance; however, you’ve got to keep it fresh and sexy. Be unpredictable and exciting!

As Darius Lovehall states in the movie Love Jones, when couples say that the romance is gone, that’s not the case… “it’s because they’ve exhausted the possibilities. "

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