A Girls Development into a Woman


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I see you standing there in your tight dress, barely 13 but with the shape of a woman ready to bear children. Is your understanding of the world around you as developed as your body? Innocence is very attractive, but do not let your innocence be from ignorance. A woman holds within herself the creative power of the universe. To understand this requires more than a developed body it requires a developed mind.

Intellect is not the same as a developed mind. You do not have to be knowledgeable of facts to be knowledgeable of spirit. A developed mind is one that understands the influences upon it and uses those influences to benefit one’s spirit. Intellect is the accumulation of information that can be recalled randomly or relatively. Intellect and a developed mind are both important, but only a developed mind correlates your spirit to “mother nature". Mother Nature is quite appropriate to describe the source of influence that effects all things on this planet. Mother, the source of life, is a feminine term. Your feminine nature influences all things. Understanding this influence differentiates the girl from the woman.

As you grow into what you will become, you are influenced by a symbiotic relationship that exist, between you and your environment. That means that you have as much influence on your environment as it does on you. You can use your influence to change those things that don't suite your needs just as mother nature allows the dead tree to fall to make space for new growth. You must allow concepts that limit you to fall away so that you may grow. Concepts that limit your potential or independence must fall like the dead tree to be replaced by truths of your universal creative power.

One concept is that your body gives you power. You are not your body, and your power is not tied to it. Your visual appeal will effect your environment, but never as much as the appeal of your mind. Your home is decorated to provide visual appeal, but the wind and rain are stopped by the structure of the foundation, not by the decoration of it. The warmth of your heart makes being in the home a place of comfort, not the coat of paint upon its eaves. True comfort is found not in the home that looks like shelter, but in the shelter you have made home. Let your body house the spirit that glows from the power of your acceptance. Your body does not make the woman, it is the woman that makes the body.

As your physiology changes to include curves and the ability to incubate human eggs (menstruation), your environment will also change. Your peers will compare your physical changes to theirs. Your male friends will respond to you in new ways. Your parents will begin to change the restrictions on your freedom. How do you affect your environment as your environment obviously begins to effect you in this new way? By learning to understand these changes, their purpose and their effect upon your environment and you.

The changes in your shape are to facilitate the incubation of a child in your womb and the feeding of this child after it is born. Widening of the hips to open the birth canal and increased breast size as the mammary glands expand for the production of milk, are part of the process. Be proud of these changes as it indicates the added responsibility nature has given to your environment. The responsibility to be a vessel for new life will be recognized by boys and men as your body develops. Your influence on your environment will determine what this recognition will honor. If your mind is developed, you will demand honor of your self. If it is not, you will demand honor of your body.

The body is but a tool to be used by the spirit to create and nurture life. It is a wonderfully joyous thing to participate in the creation of life. Your mind will enjoy the stimulation of the body as a part of this process at its highest level, but the body will still function even if the mind is elsewhere during the stimulation process. The environment in which this tool is used influences the product of its use. A 4" brush is useful to a painter of a house, but is useless to one painting a portrait. The brush has lost value to the painter due only to a change in environment. Knowing that you control your environment will insure that your body always maintains its value as the vessel of life.

Your physiology will also experience changes that effect your emotion and desires. Stimulation of certain glands in your body will cause a chemical reaction that your mind will interpret to be emotional need. These feelings can be pleasurable or repulsive depending on your intellect and mind’s development. Physical stimulation prepares the body for the acts associated with pro-creation or *** intercourse. Creation is the supreme use of your power as a woman and should be experienced as a merging of your creative power and that of mother nature. If you have not yet become a woman, your understanding of the environment and your ability to control it may change this into an experience of lesser value. Mother nature works with you in this process, not against you. You would not mistake falling down as the goal when learning to walk, so do not think physical stimulation of the body is the goal of becoming a woman.

The influence your mind has upon its environment can be found inside you. You can see its effects on those around you if you would look. You will recognize the environment’s effects on you also with introspection. Is your development a reflection of your influence on nature? You are the “mother” of your nature, even as a girl, but to recognize your true power you must embrace the power of being a woman.

I stand aside and watch you grow I look inside and then I know That your heart and mind will only show That your source is life itself trying to glow

Ronald Lindsey “The Sophist", owner of EnergyHarmonics http://www.thesophist.net - Public Speaking and Private Consultations on Energy Healing, Metaphysics and Life.


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