Friends for the Hot Mom?

Marsha Maung

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One of the biggest challenges of motherhood is how to remain the kind of hot mom that you used to be without turning your friends away – friends who are not yet moms, friends who are still single looking for a man to fit into their lives. Let’s admit this, the moment we become moms, our lives become different and sometimes in the eyes of our friends, WE become different no matter how hard we try to remain the same. We could be doing the same kind of shopping and yakking and drinking the same kind of coffee after we’ve become mom, it’s just not the same.


Well, hot mom, here’s news for you

One of the biggest difference as a mom is that it’s hard to remain hot when you’ve got jello-like extra skin hanging out in front of your belly at least for some months to come after the birth. When your friends are wearing hot outfits and extra sexy (midrift revealing) outfits, we get a little HOT under the collar because we can’t wear the same clothes. In fact, this hot mom had to trade her smaller-than-small outfits for hubby’s tracks and shirts for 3 months. It’s hard to be a hot mom when you know you’re wearing a man’s outfit.

No matter how you try to be and act hot with that outfit, it’s not COMPLETELY possible.

Hot mom and hot friends will grow apart for a while

After giving birth to your new baby, the first thing you will want to do is to bond with your new bundle of joy. This newborn baby will rule your waking hours and sleeping hours for some time. So, hot mom, here’s news. You will not be hot with your friends for at least a couple of months.

After a couple of months, if they’re really your friends, they’ll stick around…that’s for sure.

How to get back to being a hot mom

Getting back to your feet as a hot mom is not an overnight thing. You don’t just force yourself to fit into your old clothes, act the way you used to act, go to places you used to go, and work the way you used to work without thinking about the new human being that you’re now responsible for. It’s different – but it’s almost the same kind of hot-ness, if there aren’t any other ways to say this.

First, understand and accept the fact that you’re a mom. You’re still hot but you’re mom now.

Secondly, try your best to separate between time with your family and time with your friends. As much as your newborn needs you, you need you and your friends need you. they need the mom they used to know to be back in the clique with them. I am sure they are sad too that you’re no longer the kind of hot mom that you used to be. And it will take very little effort on your part to bridge the differences.

Thirdly, a hot mom will know that friends are very important pillars of support. When times are down and you need a shoulder to cry on, you should have friends you can count on to answer your calls in the middle of the night. Your relationship and friendship with other hot moms is just as important but…the fact is, maintaining your friendship from pre-baby days is JUST AS IMPORTANT.

Non hot moms (as in hot ladies??) is crucial to a mom’s sanity.

Just trust me on this one.

Marsha Maung is a freelance graphic designer and copy writer who works from home. She designs apparel and premium items at and is the author of “Raising little magicians", and the popular “The Lance in freelancing". More information can be found at


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