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8 Early Signs of Pregnancy-Pregnancy Symptoms

Gorry Terry

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The symptoms of pregnancy vary from woman to woman and it is easy to miss the symptoms if this is your first time. I will look now at 7 early and common signs of pregnancy. .

Not only do the symptoms of pregnancy vary from woman to woman but they can also vary from pregnancy to pregnancy so lets dive in and have a look at 8 early symptoms of pregnancy. It is important to realize that some women will experience the symptoms within 7 days of conception and some women will not experience them for weeks.

1. Missed Menstrual Cycle

This is one of the most significant signs so watch out for delayed or missed menstrual cycle.

2. Swollen Breasts

Swollen breasts can occur within one or two weeks after conception and your breasts will be sore and tender.

3. Fatigue

Fatigue can set in as early as one week from conception so watch out for feeling tired and listless.

4. Morning Sickness

Morning sickness can manifest itself within any period from two to eight weeks of conceiving and the level of sickness will vary significantly from woman to woman. Some women are fortunate enough to not really experience it at all and the less fortunate experience morning sickness for their entire pregnancy.

5. Headaches

Pregnancy causes a sudden rise in hormones in the body and this can lead to headaches.

6. Back Ache

Back ache, especially in the lower back, can be an early warning sign of pregnancy and it is common to experience a dull back ache during the duration of the pregnancy.

7. Increased Frequency of Urination

Increased frequency of urination can occur about 7 weeks after conception so if you find yourself taking more trips to the bathroom further investigation is required.

8. Food

Cravings for certain types of food, food that you may not normally crave, can be a good sign that something is stirring. There is no accepted medical explanation for this but when it occurs to you, get yourself to the doctor to confirm if you are not happy to carry out your own pregnancy test.

In conclusion it is clearly important to be in tune with your own body and know it sufficiently well to recognize those wonderful early signs of pregnancy.

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