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Mix of high heels and stockings

Liu Rui

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There are many people on the “high heels" has a very bad impression, especially as many women. But their roots, perhaps in a sense, high-heeled shoes with her unique “sexual" meaning good time. Which led to many erroneous views of society, similar to the only “prostitutes" to wear high heels, high heels are the culprit of many diseases, and so on. But today, there are designers in the design of high-heeled shoes, the manufacturer in the manufacture of high-heeled shoes, vendors in the sale of high heels high heels . . . . . . has been the pace did not stop her, The reason is simple, high- heel is a beautiful representative. Basically all women are more or less through the high-heeled shoes, so no need to point that prostitutes wear high heels, do not wear a lady, because of high heels is itself a symbol of a woman, wrong and not in high heels, but what they generalize the point of view. Gun to kill bad guys like to identify for as long as guns are bad; or just as bad gun, but a good man can not be the same gun. In fact, the key is to look at what your gun, the gun can also be good, ladies can wear high heels too! Wear high heels, a woman brought a little self-confidence, make a woman more mature and stable, sexy and charming. In today's independent women, women themselves become more important aspect of irreplaceable, and high heels give women bring many unexpected success and harvest, some men can not.

You may have many reasons not to wear high heels, but wearing high heels if you can show a steady but not frivolous, sexy and not talent, intellect and not show off, you may really have to bring a taste of the high-heeled shoes Your self-confidence, success is not far away from you already. So, the real woman is sure to wear high heels, whether a lady Ye Hao, office ladies, if I succeed Ye Hao woman, the woman failed Ye Hao, happy woman Ye Hao, unhappy woman Ye Hao, As long as you're able to grasp a high-heeled shoes that give you confidence to do that a woman's self-confidence, you have every reason to believe that tomorrow will be better! On the heels of another myth is that high heels will bring many diseases. This is a very one-sided view. Wear high heels very tired, especially the relatively high wear high heels, but precisely because of this, the role of high-heeled shoes with remodeling stature, so that is not the United States to become the United States, the United States and more beautiful. People in life will unconsciously develop bad habits, such as walking, hunched over, etc. It is to do a woman's greatest taboo. While wearing high heels, all the problems will be solved in unconsciously, of course, the cost may be less comfortable, “tired" to the United States, in a sense be said to be worth it. The various diseases caused by high heels, not because of tired, but because of wearing high heels is very particular about their own, ignoring the stress, do not wear high heels properly, will surely bring unexpected trouble.

Therefore, “high-heeled shoes will bring a number of diseases" is not correct, it should be said, “is not correct to wear high-heeled shoes will bring a number of diseases" and more accurate. If you intend to wear high heels, wearing high heels should first understand the situation, and then how to properly wear high heels and, finally, to understand some foot care tips. This way, you can safely wear high heels, of course, need some a little practice. To do a full woman, enjoying the special rights of the woman. Remember, there are many men that women have the right to be very envious. Why do not envy them die? ^ 0 ^ If you are a proud woman, you should wear high heels! If you hate for women, you have every reason to the high heels that: “No"! So to admit: the world because there was a woman and splendid, dazzling, and women due to high heels and even more enchanting and moving, elegant! The role of stockings stockings of invention and charm lady with the first step and shows a beautiful landscape. It has been said, Ms. stockings are a second skin, showing the importance of stockings. The women wear stockings, always give people a vague beauty, this beauty gives a noble, subtle, soft feel and high-heeled shoes with the right match, will show the woman was sweeping the unique temperament. Some women feel very uncomfortable to wear silk stockings, in fact, wearing silk stockings in the usual daily life, played a considerable part of the role of protecting the legs, and can in the usual activities, effective on the leg massage, to promote leg blood circulation, thus playing the role “not only attract" role. Especially when wearing high heels, stockings on the foot can also play a very good protection. Therefore, high heels and stockings are a real woman! White, black stockings black stockings gives a mysterious feeling, and there are noble and highly provocative in tone. Also, black silk stockings in the visual, to have a sense of elongation, suitable for ladies wear short legs. White gives a clean feeling, and very energetic. For lively, age is relatively small flesh-colored stockings ladies wearing other colors close to skin color of the flesh-colored stockings silk stockings, a white-collar people go to work wearing the preferred Li, it gives people a is beautiful, pure and noble feeling, yet sexy calm. Other colors of stockings, and clothing to note the occasion with and wear. In general, the more the color is gorgeous, provocative richer, the more legs of their own type of requirement is higher.

About me: i am a china girl, infact, i wanna be a sexy pure girl, and i love stockings, wearring stockings, maybe you love , sexy stocking legs , black stocking women videos, haha, does i say right?welcome to my new website china sexy girls


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