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Some Women Still Wear Pantyhose


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There are women who still wear pantyhose and I am one of them. In fact I am proud of it. That may sound a bit out there. Why would one be proud to wear them? Trust me it is not a battle I sought out by any means. The battle came to me.

There has been a trend for women to go bare-legged for some time. Someone told me it started with Demi Moore in 1994 when she starred in disclosure and the cause was carried forward by the women in Sex and the City. I am not going to be so bold to say these were the specifics that caused women to shun their pantyhose, but they for sure helped the cause.

Regardless of how we got here, there are so many women who do not wear them and are proud of it. By the way they are anti-pantyhose, you would think they would rather have bamboo splinters shoved under their fingernails than wear them.

As a regular hose wearer I am frequently asked “how can you stand wearing pantyhose?" I am never asked this by men by the way, only other women. They are quick to tell their stories about toes being crunched, gussets falling down, itching in all the wrong places and their legs cannot breathe.

I can say with a straight face I never experience any of these things unless I purposefully wear pantyhose that I bought at the dollar store or if they were too small. Also my legs do not breathe, I do that with my nose and my mouth if I am exercising.

I regularly wear nicer brands of pantyhose found at any department store. They fit well and do not sag. I am careful putting them on and rarely get a run doing so. Most of the time they wear our after many wears when a toe or heel starts rubbing them thin.

I will even go to the point of saying I like them. It is a very silky fabric that I do not mind touching me all day. They feel nice. My legs are nice, but I am not without a couple of scars, bumps, discolorations and other abnormalities. Most of these are left over from my Tomboy days or high school sports. We spend a lot of time covering up the same things on our faces with makeup. Why not do the same with your legs?

At the end of the day, I just do not get the pantyhose hating that goes on. I will keep wearing pantyhose till something better comes along.

Chrissy Stewart is a young women entrepreneur seeking to drive people to her affiliate site - . She enjoys the look and feel of hosiery and enjoys the attention she gets when she shows off her great looking legs. She wants to help others enjoy them also.


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