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Soy and Menopause - Meno-Diet Hot Flash!


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Do soy and menopause actually have anything beneficial in common with each other. Has the soy menopause equation been hyped into the outer limits?

Treating menopause with a natural solution has been a huge quest for many women over the last decade. The search for natural remedies has led many to believe that the high phytoestrogen levels found in soy products will in fact relieve the symptoms of falling estrogen levels which occur with the onset of menopause.

With that in mind think about how the soy industry has been promoting soy products. Yes, soy is safe and has been eaten for centuries in Asian countries but look what the western media has done with it.

It's not like we in the western world would add turnips to virtually every food on earth. You now find soy in not only in tofu, miso and tempeh where it belongs but a huge variety of everything you can imagine.

Hot dogs, burgers, cheese, tons of cereals, protein powder and sports bars to just scratch the surface and we haven't even mentioned the soy milk and supplement market.

In exploring the signs and symptoms of menopause we have discovered that the main mechanism in symptoms such as hot flashes is vasomotor controlled.

A research study was conducted at the Bowman Gray School of Medicine looking at the effects of phytoestrogen soy supplements in women aged 45 to 55.

While some women reported a diminish in the severity of the hot flashes it had no effect on their frequency.

Another recent study and the Mayo Clinic has shown no benefits on menopausal women taking soy isolates which contain the high levels of phytoestrogens.

It appears that the soy isolates are just not cut out to work well to control vasomotor symptoms. In fact, soy isoflavones which are aromatase inhibitors actually lower the levels of estrogen your body makes which is far and away counter productive in trying to control those vasomotor reactions.

Bottom line? Is the soy and menopause relationship a farce? Maybe not in some women but caution does need to be considered in the actual amount of soy you consume on a daily basis.

Some studies seem to indicated that phyoestrogens may have a stimulating effect on the growth of cancer cells in breast tissue so like all things in life moderation may be a key here.

Remember, all people are different and will experience different results with different products. Some may benefit, some may not. It is up to you to be the judge.

It does appear that a well rounded natural approach is best effective in dealing with the signs and symptoms of menopause and these things include a healthy diet, exercise and a variety of natural products that work together in an overall plan.

There is much more information online about the signs and symptoms of menopause if you know where to look so log on and do some research. You will find there are a variety of ways to deal with menopause and one or more of those ways may be what you are looking for.

If you are looking for answers concerning Soy And Menopause cruise on by our website Menopause Signs And Symptoms and find out what many women are finding out and why. You to can beat the menopause symptoms hands down!

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