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How to Measure Bra Size the Correct Way


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This article will show you how to measure bra size that as a mom you can pass on to your daughters and your friends. At every stage of a woman's life, from teenager to working woman, to mom, their breasts can fluctuate in size. These size differences for the most part will be ignored, as 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.

After doing some research on the subject, I found out I have been wearing the wrong bra size for a while. I am no longer a teenager and have grown with age, as we all do.

Determining bra size is actually an enjoyable act, as when you get your bra size just right, it can make you look like you have lost 10 pounds, and a whole lot more pert! So let's just look into how to measure bra size to compliment your figure.

The first thing in how to measure bra size is to take the right measurements. Different brands of bras will vary in size anyway, so the actual measurements are not always spot on. Finding out your measurements at home is part one of the process. The next part is going to a shop, trying on different bras and finding the ones that fit you with the most comfort and that you like the look of.

Let's look at the first part of how to measure bra size. Your initial measurement should be the band size. By this I mean the circumference of your body below your breasts at the top of your rib cage. When doing this make sure the tape is not twisted and your arms are by your side. You can use your arms to hold the tape in place or get someone to help. The measurements should be taken down in inches and be a tight (but comfortable) fit. Always round the measurement to the nearest even number, so if the tape comes to 35.5, your band size will actually be 36 inches.

Note: You should ignore the advice that some people give, when they say you should add on another two or three inches to this measurement. This is an incorrect way of how to measure bra size, as this advice may have been relevant in the 1930s, but not for determining bra size nowadays with modern bras.

The next and only other measurement you need to take is to measure the fullest part of the bust - the cup. To do this you will need to remove anything that will constrict your movement, as you have to get down on your hands and knees. Keeping your back parallel with the floor, measure around your back and breasts. Round up the number to see how many inches the fullest size of your breast are - this is your bust measurement. Take the band measurement away from this bust measurement and the difference is the cup size. This is how to determine bra size.
1 inch = A cup
2 inches = B cup
3 inches = C cup
4 inches = D cup
5 inches = DD cup
6 inches = E cup
7 inches = F cup

Now you have the basic knowledge in place, it's time to take it to the shops and try on a few styles of bras that you like. Take them to the changing rooms and jump around in them for a bit. Questions to ask yourself are is the bra too tight, too loose, are there any bulges coming out the sides of the bra, and does it stay in place when you jump around like a mad woman.

Now you have the know-how, you can share it with your friends if you want, but if you have a daughter you can let her have the secrets you never did. So do teach others how to measure bra size and all look your best.

Vivienne Myatt asks her readers, “Do you know how to measure bra size? " For more women related material, visit her site and blogs and find some great offers! Not forgetting - why women of all ages should know what to do when determining bra size


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