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Women's Safety Tips - Repel Or Attract Attackers, the Choice is Yours

Kelly Rudolph

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Confident men, colleagues and friends are attracted to women with confidence and attackers are repelled by them. Confidence, hmmm, seems simple enough but is it? Self-image is what we think of ourselves. Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves and self-confidence is how we act.

Can confidence be faked? Temporarily yes, but if it comes across as arrogance, it can attract attackers rather than repel them.

I address confident body language in my article, “Women's Personal Safety Secret #2, " which is important in repelling attackers. Below is another way you can become more confident, attracting the right people - repelling the wrong ones.

"What Would You Do?" Can Repel Attackers and May Save Your Life!

We hear about crime and often do nothing to prevent it from happening to us. A good habit to get into is thinking about what you would do if the same situation occurred in your life. Although a bit scary, thinking it through has several benefits.

  1. You've acknowledged your vulnerability therefore, you don't look oblivious like most people do (attackers love oblivious people)
  2. You have a plan of action which gives you confidence (attackers are repelled by confident people because they themselves are weak).
  3. You are more aware of your surroundings and therefore may avoid situations of vulnerability (attackers hate aware people).
  4. When you have thought things through, you walk more confidently and body language is the most common way attackers select victims.

So there you go. Just by simply thinking through a situation with you at the center, you benefit by being safer immediately attracting people who are confident themselves and repelling weak ones who will drag you down and or victimize you. Just being dragged down is a form of attack because it weakens you mentally and emotionally, which in turn, weakens you physically.

Gross Seekers and Arrogance

Although gross curiosity gives birth to rubber-neckers at crash and crime scenes, the magnitude of the situation seems to bounce off of those same people who very likely have their heads in the sand, ignoring their own vulnerability. The “head buried in the sand" syndrome causes those buried to look insecure in a dangerous situation or arrogant if they try to fake confidence. Arrogance is insecurity personified and looks opposite of confident.

As a paramedic in my early 20's, I still get asked, “What is the worst thing you ever saw?" Obviously, the question begs for therapy rather than an answer but the people who ask it are usually careless in their lives and know little about avoiding dangerous situations. Although unfortunate for them (and hopefully not tragic) this makes it easy for us to set ourselves apart from the general public by looking and being confident. Just the knowledge of what you would do in a certain situation makes your body language stronger without you even knowing it. Well, now you know it!


  1. Attackers may be male or female of any age
  2. Attacks may be verbal, mental, emotional or physical
  3. Attackers have a plan of attack - do you have a plan of escape?

Confident or Insecure?

Confidence can keep you out of dangerous situations and improves your physical health as well. It is obvious how confidence attracts confident people, friends, significant others and great coworkers, isn't it?

If you are a person who attracts people who are insecure, remember that your own confidence has to be in place to attract a different kind of person. You can only help an insecure person so much because self-image, self-esteem and self-confidence are all inside jobs. If you get dragged down, your self-confidence will suffer.

The concept of personal safety being quite dependent on confidence may be new to you but I'm sure you'll agree it makes sense. Remember that confident men, colleagues and friends are attracted and attackers are repelled by a confident woman.

Bonus Safety Tip: Holding your head up is the most important aspect of confident body language. And now I would like to offer you free access to printed and audio versions of the “Seven Deadly Personal Safety Mistakes" and free Personal Safety TeleSeminars when you subscribe to my free weekly Safety Quick Tips; a 52 week newsletter on Personal Safety. You can get your instant access at


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