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Breast Cyst During Menopause - The Truth Behind a Breast Cyst During Menopause Revealed!


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Breast cysts actually occur in women of all ages, however they tend to be prevalent in women who are reaching menopausal age.

It has been noted that there is a correlation between the appearance of the cyst and when the woman's menstrual period is approaching. The cyst may appear over night rather than gradually, as a direct result of this correlation. Although these cysts are prevalent in women reaching menopausal age, they are even more prevalent in women who are undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy.

If I have a breast during menopause can it be harmful? Most of these cysts are actually harmless, however if you are worried it is a good idea to speak to your physician. Your physician can carry out an ultrasound scan on your cysts to determine whether or not they have the potential to develop into cancer. The cysts can then be treated accordingly.

Some women find these cysts during menopause may cause pain, they find them such a nuisance that they get them removed. Removing a cyst that appears during menopause is a simple operation. The fluid is simply sucked out of the cyst via the insertion of a sterilized needle.

So what cause these breast cysts? The truth is no one seems to know the answer to this question, however it the cause has been linked to hormones since breast cysts during menopause are more prevalent in women who are undergoing hormone replacement therapy.

A breast cyst during menopause has the potential to become cancerous, so it is important that all breast cysts are detected and monitored, this can be done via a self examination. Or you could get your physician to carry out a physical examination.

This article looked at the appearance of a breast cyst during menopause. Although these cysts are generally harmless, you should still take precautions, monitor your cysts, and if you are worried visit your doctor.

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breast cyst during menopause

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