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Bras - What Bra Size Do I Really Wear?


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Sizing is everything! The most important factor in buying a bra is knowing your exact bra size. Bra Sizing can be determined by taking a few easy measurements. Begin by wearing your best fitting bra (unpadded and not a minimizer bra). You also need a soft measuring tape and a mirror (otherwise use a string and a yard stick). If possible, have someone other than yourself measure you (with your unpadded bra).

Step 1: Under Bust for Bra Band Size

Wearing your unpadded bra, hold the tape snugly around your ribcage, directly under the breast. Note the measurement in inches.

Underbust Measurement _

Plus 3" if Under Bust is Odd number _

Plus 4" Under Bust is an even number _

= Band Size _

Example 35" 3= 38" Band Size

Example 34" 4"=38" Band Size

Step 2: Upper Bust Measurement to Verify Bra Band Size

Hold the tape snugly above the bust under the arms. Note the measurement in inches. This measurement should equal your bra band size calculation without adding inches; however, if the measurement is an odd number add an inch. Note: Larger measurement=broad back, Smaller measurement=small back.

Upper Bust (no inches added) = Lower Bust (with inches)= Band Size

Step 3: Full Bust to Determine Bra Cup Size

Hold the tape loosely around the fullest part of the bust. Do not let the tape droop in the back . Use assistance when finding your bra cup size or the help of a mirror. Subtract the bra band size from this measurement (Step 3 - Step 1).

Full Bust _

Under Bust _ Difference _=Bra Cup Size

Example: 42" (full bust) - 38" (band size)= 4" C Standard Bra Cup Size

Check Below to Find your Standard American Bra Cup Size (i. , e. , Goddess, Le Mystere)

1"- A

2"- B

3"- C

4"- D

5"- E

6"- F

7"- G

8"- H

Check Below to Find Your Standard European Bra Cup Size (i. e. , Fantasie, Freya, Panache)


2"- B

3"- C

4"- D

5"- DD

6"- E

7"- F

8"- FF

9"- G

Note: French Bra Sizes run a little small.

About the Author: Susan Gilbert is the owner of Diva Bras, . After years of back and rib pain from an active lifestyle, Susan became an expert in bras . She attended many local and international trade shows where she talked to fit experts from manufacturers (Chantelle, Goddess, Fantasies, Freya, Le Mystere, Panache, Simone Perele, Enell, and more). Susan's bustline and body is very happy now. They are more perky, less bouncy, supportive, and very comfortable. Her goal is to help women around the world find their perfect fit bras.

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Susan Gilbert is the owner of Diva Bras, Our company has gone to numerous local and International trade shows. We have talked to fit experts from the following manufacturers and more: Chantelle, Le Mystere, Goddess, Fantasie, Freya, Enell, Aviana, Simone Perele, Panache.


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