Is My Women Body Pious - Part 2

S Kalpna Sharma

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My dear Esteem readers, I must thank you for the support in encouraging me to once again share my thought perception with you as to how to increase my debate base is a women body pious? Since my childhood, I have been trying to comprehend and understand the real role of a woman. I saw women as my mother, the idol of love, compassion, sacrifice, empathy and sanctity and believed that all mothers would be alike. Today, when I read that a mother had killed three of her children to live with her paramour, I toiled up in disbelief as to what had happened to today’s mother.

How do I compare to a woman mother of past who had sacrificed her comfort, pleasure and freedom for the sake of family; but now a day, modern mothers are filled with lust greed and *** urge? To fulfill their lewd behavior; they can go to any extend. Western concept of Animal Society of Life Partners (ASLP) is drifting our new generation towards irresponsible society. You will agree with me that a large number of male animals and birds leave their female counterparts to live feed, breed and care for their offspring by herself after mating. Are we going to enter into such society of human? How should be an ideal mother? A woman who is over burdened with glittering lights, fashion shows ramps walks and lives by herself or a simple pious caring and dedicated woman who live for others. In both the cases, I do not mean parting with the women rights, liberties and respects in the society.

After praying and swearing on mother to prove my points in various forums occasionally; I grew up to live with another idol of love and sacrifice whom the world people call wife. I was lucky to find a very kindhearted and surrendering goddess of affection. The role what my mother played for my father and what my wife decided in the home was a bit difference. My wife keeping with the pace of modern fast running world tried to fulfill the gape left over by my mother. My wife in addition to fulfilling her womanhood responsibilities also took over additional burden of sharing the worldly affairs as well. Physical and biological needs when copulated, we were blessed with three beautiful daughters; but without ever sacrificing any one’s respect or status. Within the limits of our financial earnings, we have lived happily till date but what happens to many other wives who are striving to make individual identity?

Are our women really required to be part of today’s materialistic rat race? When I deeply look into the question; I find a very convincing reply, No, provided, a woman is ready to live within her means. What is the limit of within her means needs to be further analyzed? The answer to this question lies within other question as to what a woman as a wife wants? Whether a woman wants separate entity, recognition and social status; or she likes a happy married life and all the above. I have concluded that a modern wife is churning herself between her identity as a woman and a mother? What is the difference between a beauty queen of others bed and a resting beauty on her husband’s side? One is chasing the money through body urge and other is sleeping over money without urge. Whom should you call a woman of substance and essence?

Why I call a woman body pious not because I want to but I really find she is pious because:

  • One; she is worshipped as reincarnation of wealth in Indian homes;

  • Two; she conceives and gives birth to God’s own being other wise a human being can not achieve self realization and unite with the god;

  • Three; she sacrifices her personal comfort, style and life for her children;

  • Four; she can die and kill everyone who challenges her authority as a mother;

  • Five; she becomes protector to a family when under dire poverty;

  • Six; she still feeds her children even despite herself remaining hungry;

  • Seven; she can tolerate anything but no discomfort to her children.

    If this is the image of a woman; than how her body could not be pious needs to be searched through reader’s eyes.

    Now; what I am going to tell readers would be beyond their normal human perception and thinking of worldly eyes. You need to create a third eye and myopic lenses to look through body and not into the body. The visible body form of flesh, bone and muscles gives you lust, lewd and *** pleasures but spiritual experiences give a woman the power of unification with god. She experiences the true power of infusing a new life in the biological growing body of flesh within her womb exactly after 90 days of conception. The infusing of life is not delayed even a millionth of a second. If a mother is awake, she can experience the similar feelings as if a new soul is entering her body. It is because of such blessings of god, I call her pious as God lives within God.

    If a woman is such pious than why should a woman become model symbol of sex and lust? Who is to be blamed for her dismal state? I think, a woman herself; because the Western culture does not look beyond a woman’s body and flesh, therefore, their women too do not go beyond *** orgies. I hope the role of woman as mother and wife have been amply elaborated in my next part I would discuss as daughter and sister.

    I S Kalpna sharma, am a freelance journalist who generally writes on various issues. I have expertise of my husband on various terrorist related activities and have been contributing in various sources alerting people about dangers of terrorism. Generally generate debate and discussion on various social responsibilities of all.

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