Leave Your Guilt at the Door

Ponn Sabra

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As women, but more so as mothers, guilt is very hard to let go, let alone leave at the door!

We turn for a second and our baby (even if she's 13 years old) trips and falls.

We promise to get XYZ when it goes on sale; just to find is sold out the very minute you stepped into the store,

We need a good night's sleep to tackle tomorrow's full agenda head-on, only to nurse two fevers and your own head cold all night long, sleeping about 4 hours in between cuddles and tears.

We run on exhaustion, raise our voices out of anxiousness, and burn the toast from being overwhelmed and just plain burnt out ourselves,

And, this is just a short list what whispers in our heads all day long until we fight the clock for an extra 50minutes to have a “peaceful bedtime routine" to apologize for all our minor fallacies that come along with the coveted title of “Mom",

Yet, the hugs, kisses and the “I love you's" though warm, finishes with a sincere eye-to-eye “Mama, you're the best mom in the whole wide world!"

Rather than believe it, we hug and kiss them a little bit harder and walk out the room thinking “Girl, I really DO stink!" (To say it nicely)

Guilt. Guilt. And, more guilt!

Well, it's time to turn it around. Yes, it's true I am my girls’ Only Mom, they've ever known so they have no one really to compare my motherhood with anyone.

So, with that, I say “Girl-friend, let's believe our kids once and for all (no matter how young, naive or innocent they may be) and agree with them—We are Their Best Mom in Their whole wide world!"

And, try leaving the guilt at the door!

Ponn M. Sabra is a homeschool work at home mom of three with partial paralysis, best-selling author of “Empowering Women to Power Network", syndicated columnist, and writer. A home-based entrepreneur for 10 years, Ponn empowers women entrepreneurs to action at http://www.EmpowerWomenNow.com Logon for free tips, tools & resources today.


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