How to Please Your Man on Super Bowl Sunday

Py Kim-Conant

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Married women complain that on Super Bowl Sunday they feel abandoned or left out of the events of the day. However, remember that Super Bowl Sunday is actually the best day for you to please your man. It is the best day to show that you are a perfect woman to him.

1. Remember that many men feel the Super Bowl Sunday is the most “guy day" of the year. Show you understand and encourage this: it's HIS day.

2. Leave. Let him and his buddies take over your place. Instead of trying to learn the rules of football game while sitting next to your man, show him that you have a life with your girlfriends or your outside hobbies and interests.

3. Have him tell you all the food and drink he would like to have at his Super Bowl party. Stock the kitchen with those goodies. On Super Bowl Sunday, either go out and leave him with a fully-stocked pantry, or stay around and help to keep the food and drink flowing into the TV room.

4. If you go out, consider staying around until his friends arrive, greeting them enthusiastically, getting everyone his first drink and some food, then leaving with a heart-felt, “Have fun. ” He’ll bask in the appreciation his friends express for what a great attitude his woman has.

5. If he’s watching the game alone at home, try some of these things:

  • At half-time, come into the room, mute the TV, and give him an erotic cheerleader striptease routine, ending with a little oral sex and the promise of more complete sex after the game. Then, give him fantastic, celebratory, whore-in-the-bedroom sex, no matter which team wins.

  • Just before kickoff, present him with the ballcap or t-shirt of the team he’s rooting for.

  • Tell him to come and get you to see any particularly dramatic moments during the game. Then, watch enthusiastically for few minutes. Agree with him how fantastic and exciting these moments are.

  • Tell him you know how singular and important the Super Bowl is, and that you totally support him having a great Super Bowl Sunday.

    Py Kim Conant, the author of “Sex Secrets of an American Geisha: How to Attract, Satisfy, and Keep Your Man” (Hunter House). Sing up for Py’s free newsletters at for relationship, dating and sex tips.

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