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The Bali bra line is a collection of high-quality pretty undergarments offering women from all over who come in every shape and size complete support and protection.

A brassiere or bra like the Bali bra is a garment for females to give coverage and support for the women's breasts. A typical bra is made up of straps at both sides of the shoulder, two cups to accommodate the breasts, a center panel, a band to hold the two cups and goes under the breasts, and a hook clasp or a bra fastener to close the brassier. The brassieres are typically made up of materials such as cotton or lace or even spandex, depending on the style and function that the manufacturer intended. The under wires of the bra are added to provide maximum support and to give shape to the bra cups.

The brassieres like the Bali bra line come in different types, depending on the material used, the function intended, and the style. The Bali line comes in different styles – a bra that closes in the front, another that closes in the back, one that has no straps perfect for tube dresses, a convertible line, push-up line for that wonderful added lift and support, sexy demi-cup or half-cup Bali bra for the ultimate tool in seduction, and the full-cup Bali bra for maximum coverage. The Bali bra also comes with three-quarters cup, soft cup, half-cup, shelf-bra, long line, and Bali bra that comes with under wires. For the active, energetic women, a t-shirt Bali bra is available.

The size of Bali bra depends on the size of a woman's breasts. There are different kinds of brassieres for different sizes and shapes of a woman's breasts. The band size is the circumference around the body which does not include the breast. The “cup size” indicates the breast's volume, and it is indicated by letters.

The Bali bra makes sure that a woman's bra fits her right to make sure that the woman gets a flattering shape every time she wears the brassiere all the while giving her maximum support and makes her feel comfortable. Women with big breasts usually experience uncomfortable and annoying back pain because of inadequate support given by the wrong brassiere. In the United Kingdom, surveys show that about 70% of the female population do not wear the right bra and instead strap on ill-fitting, uncomfortable ones. This was probably because of insufficient knowledge regarding bra and correct fitting. There is also the problem of finding larger bras although the manufacturers nowadays have come up with brassieres that are intended for women with larger breasts than the average female.

The Bali bra line offers brassieres of all kinds and sizes. Brassieres come in cup sizes A to DD. Finding the right cup size can be confusing. Brassiere manufacturers in Europe create brassiers that usually come in increasing sizes, like AAA-AA-A-B-C-D-DD-E-F-FF-G-GG-H-J. The only fool-proof and sure way to get the correct bra is by trying the brassiere on. Band size is determined by getting the circumference of the body directly under the breasts. A certain number is added to give allowance because the ribcage is wider at the height where the breasts are. In the US, about 4 to 6 inches is usually added to the measured circumference to arrive at the correct and size. Bra size may also change depending on weight gain and weight loss. The menstrual cycle also causes changes in the bra size of a woman.

According to statistics, the average woman in the US nowadays has at least six bras. Out of the six brassieres, usually one is colored and one is a bra that has no straps. Brassieres are created for different functions, so you can find Bali bra lines that are classified as minimizers, maximizers, or push ups depending on the support the woman needs. There are also bras that show the woman's cleavage in really thin, lacey material which is a bra that is intended for showing off.

No matter what your size or shape is, there is a Bali bra for you.

Joyce Dietzel writes articles for your-bra-store.com a website dedicated to just the right bali bra for you


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