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Two generations ago, women didn't go into business. Period. Well, unless they had no alternative (meaning no husband). Last generation, women went into business BUT they were expected to do EVERYTHING - that whole “superwoman" concept that pretty much burned everyone out (including their husbands, boyfriends and kids). NOW, women can run and manage businesses in balance with all the other aspects of their lives. And the Internet can provide the education and support to make this happen.

On-line businesses are perfect for single mothers, with children to take care of, parenting an child-activity schedules to co-ordinate, child support to supplement, and their own lives to lead. An on-line business allows a woman to set her own hours, and also have the business run when she is not attending to it. Many established companies offer affiliate programs, with training, pre-written marketing materials, and training. If you are new to on-line businesses, this is an excellent way to being your on-line efforts; however, start with companies that do NOT require you to buy the product or pay money up-front before you earn commissions. On-line businesses are terrific for women with full-time jobs or who already are in business or run their own companies. These businesses give these women extra income with little or no investment. They also give you the opportunity to experiment with and try out new ideas. The Internet also provides 2 things that every business owner, and especially women, needs: education and support (networking). If you are just beginning with on-line business, or even if you have some experience, you should invest in a comprehensive education package from an experienced and successful on-line marketer. These packages take you step-by-step through establishing and growing a business, without being focused on the writer's “pet" project.

Networking is so important. The Internet provides text messaging, chat rooms, forums, email lists, and all the other tools you probably use in your social networking. When used to connect with other on-line business owners - and especially other women in your same situation - they can save you thousands of dollars in wasted effort, hundreds of hours in wasted time, and keep your stress levels at “excited" instead of “panic"! The Internet provides the opportunity for economic independence and freedom that women in the 1960's and 1970's could not even imagine. And no matter what your personal views on women's roles in society may be, extra income for the household - earned honestly and without harming the family - is a good thing.

ERIK CARTER maintains the WOMEN IN ONLINE MARKETING AND BUSINESS (WOMB) Portal (http://womb.vstore.ca ), dedicated to helping women achieve business success by offering programs and bonuses focused on growing and expanding any business, as well as the FITNESS Portal (http://fitnessportal.bravehost.com ), focused on making fitness seamless with your life, and “The COMPLETE Sales Package" (http://salespackage.bravehost.com ), to improve your marketing efforts.


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Article Marketing Makes Sense In Today's Online Marketing Business
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