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What is the meaning of a “dream vacation"? What is so magic about the word “vacation"? The word itself is so exciting and is looked forward with kid like anticipation all over! Kids and children like to take time away from school for change! Adults eagerly wait for the annual vacation! Take time off the routine office work. While Americans use the word “vacation", rest use “holiday"! In the past, upper class families would move over to their summer houses for a small part of the year, while leaving the usual family home vacant at least for a while. In Toto, this precious time was used to refresh and replenish the spent energy; all for a change.

Understanding the objectives of a meaningful vacation or a holiday is the first step in having a “dream time". A vacation is not meant to be a stressful and painful ordeal! Vacations are time to rejoice. Travel and be together. Planning well ahead means a well earned and happy vacation. Packing a well planned itinerary would probably make a big difference. Vacation time is meant for leaving behind all disappointments, sadness and failures of the year! Return back with full vigor and charged up spirits. Looking forward for a brand new year. Vacations are for every one! For adults and kids. Teens and elders.

Before taking any vacations, just ponder over the action plan. Discussing with family members could make one’s vacation worth remembering for many years. Just dot down what you would like to do during the vacation. What do the other family members want from this vacation? Do they need fun and relaxation? What about those kids? Arming them with constructive activities during vacation could make them more intelligent and enterprising. Try to consider the age and temperament of the children. As they tend to get tired easily, packing too many activities in a day can make them dull on the next day. Just give respect to your kid’s interests and hobbies. A pet loving kid may like to be among wild animals in zoos! While a studious and art inclined one may like museum or an art gallery. A sport loving teen may like to visit a sports arena like Super Bowl! Or a quiet one may just keep himself aloof and play video games on his PS2 or X Box.

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