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Hertz Truck Rental The Best Truck Rental Company I Know Of


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Yes, I'd like to advertise this company. It has never let me down. Hertz truck rental company, with 24’ trucks as well as 15’ and 20’ ones, reasonable prices and 24/7 assistance in case of an accident or a truck breakdown, offers quite a lot of business opportunities.

How can I find Hertz truck rental website?

Finding them on the Net is very easy. Simply type and you're at their website. Navigation might be a little difficult at first, as you will probably spend a few minutes looking for a sub page where you will be able to actually rent the truck you need, but beside this nuisance, the Hertz truck rental website offers you all necessary information about their trucks and their rental possibilities.

What are their conditions?

Hertz truck rental conditions are quite similar to their competitors’. Towing, driving off-road, taking seats out of the car etc. is forbidden. Being late or dropping the car in a different location may result in paying the higher fee, but generally Hertz truck rental does not offer anything really unusual. The only difference is that they always keep to their part of the agreement. No last-minute changes and no problems with getting your truck after booking it. At least I've never heard of any of such problems at Hertz truck rental.

Is there a catch?

Well, actually there is one. Maybe not even a catch, because they warn you about it. Hertz truck rental has its offices in a lot of countries and sometimes the details of the agreements may vary depending on the country where you sign the agreement. Things that are allowed at one Hertz truck rental office may be banned at another. For example in some countries you have to drive yourself the car you rented, in others you may give the car to someone else. It's not a problem if you're renting a truck in US, but if you live in Europe, you have to be careful. It isn't Hertz truck rental's fault, so they can do nothing to help you - the agreements has to be prepared according to the local laws.

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