Choosing a Timeshare Package That's Right for You


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Deciding on a timeshare package is like most things in life down to the taste and needs of the buyer and making the right timeshare choice will be one of the most important vacation decisions you ever have to make.

What are my timeshare choices?

Fixed location - The traditional option is a fixed time share location package but with a fixed location timeshare package you have effectively limited yourself to a certain period in the year, normally one or two weeks at the same location, there may however be some flexibility with others in the same group.

If you opt for a fixed location timeshare package it is important to ensure you really like the location and would be happy to return year after year before committing your hard earned cash. It goes without saying that you should take a good look round the amenities, check the swimming pool, lifts, bedrooms, kitchens, in fact all the facilities on offer.

Purchasing a timeshare package is a long term investment so it is essential that not only your short term needs are satisfied but also try to consider your long term requirements as well. Before making a final decision it would be wise to check out the local area, is there a good range of restaurants, local bars and amenities? and whilst a night club might appeal now will they be as important in a few years time?

Fixed service provider

If you'd prefer more flexibility in both location and the time of your vacation a fixed service time share provider is the way to go. Whilst you are limiting yourself to one service provider you have a choice as to when and where you go and because of the greater variety on offer you can go at anytime and to anyplace providing your choice is available.

If you are committed to a particular time share provider and you prefer to keep your options open then they deserve serious consideration.



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