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The first time I heard the catch phrase for the charming Bahamian Out Island of Eleuthera, “It’s not for everyone", I had a good chuckle, but once you experience it and really start to think about it, there’s a whole lot of truth in those words. Eleuthera is a precious and special place, but it’s definitely not for everyone. If you are looking for casinos, nightlife, and lots of activities then you’ll probably be disappointed. If you are looking for a vacation that cleanses mind and soul, where your body falls in tune with the rise and fall of the sun, and where peace, solitude, and private beaches will be your fondest memory, then maybe Eleuthera is just right for you!

Private beaches.

In Eleuthera, your vacation starts with the beaches. With two long 100 mile shores stretching from north to south and touching both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean you would expect to have some spectacular beaches. Not only are the beaches indescribably beautiful, but they’re usually deserted. I often get asked by travelers to explain how crowded the beaches are, and the easiest answer I can give is that if you find a single set of footprints in the sand, just one, you can probably find a beach that has been less frequented. It is often that you will have an entire beach to yourself, and I mean the whole beach. It is possible that it will be like that for the entire day without seeing a single soul. If that level of privacy is in your plans then you’re going to love Eleuthera!

The Atlantic or the Caribbean?

Since the island is only two miles wide it is really easy to scoot from the Atlantic to the Caribbean whenever you would like. Often guests want to know which is better so they can choose a villa on one side or the other, and there is no correct answer. They’re both great, and they’re slightly different.

The Caribbean side.

The Caribbean offers shallower water, no deeper than fifteen feet, and is free from cruise ship pollution. There are fewer beaches that tend to be quaint half moons that require you to wade out quite a bit from shore before getting even waist deep. The water tends to be calmer, a little bit cooler, and is a light aqua color that almost shines vibrantly with the glow from the white sand below.

The Atlantic side.

The Atlantic is deep blue, has more wave action and generally offers more ambient sea sound for those who love to hear the song of the ocean. The beaches are wider and longer, and there are more of them. You’ll be able to get into deeper water much quicker, but instead of trying to pick which body of water you’d prefer, try to make the choice this way. If you want sunsets pick the Caribbean. If you want sunrises pick the Atlantic. You can always drive a mere two miles and go to a different beach if you want to play in the water on the other side of the island.

Oceans colliding in the south.

Lighthouse Beach, to the far southeast of the island, is one of the places where you can see two oceans collide. The beaches are set like a “V" that is separated by tall lime cliffs that can be climbed, and that offer awesome views from up high. There is a separation between two rock formations and there you can see where east meets west, and where wind and tide direction work in opposite fashion until they seemingly merge in a burst of spray. It’s quite a special day trip, and requires a four-wheel drive vehicle and a fair amount of patience to make it down the long and not-so-easy-to-find beach road, but once you’ve ended the journey you’ll take in probably the most breathtaking two beaches on the island. It is possible to swim through that channel and feel the power of oceans meeting. There are also a couple of smaller cave beaches on the Atlantic side that are fun to explore where the gorgeous pink sand is even cooler than normal.

When preparing yourself for your trip to Eleuthera remember that the island moves at a much different pace than you’re probably used to. It takes longer to get served. You’re going to have fewer people around, and the towns are reasonably far apart with little to do. Relax and go with it!! You’re going to have your pick of gorgeous beaches with soft pink sand lovingly lapped by turquoise blue water teaming with colorful fish suitable for an aquarium. As you sit under the strong sun and absorb the warmth of another perfect day in paradise you’ll start to understand why so many folks are choosing this tropical oasis as their perfect respite from society. While not for everyone, it will only take one hour from the Florida coast to find out if Eleuthera is just right for you.

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