The Best Time to Take Your Walt Disney World Vacation


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Walt Disney World vacations are great no matter when you take them, but when is the best time to take one? I have many memories of Disney World as a child, but many of those memories involve lines, heat, humidity, and crowds. No matter when you take your Walt Disney World vacation, you are likely to encounter many of these things, but there are some things you can do to time your trip so that these things do not dominate the trip.

When it comes time to plan your Disney World vacation, there are really four things you should be considering in order to make your trip as smooth as possible: the crowds that will be present, the weather when you are there, the hours the park or parks are open, and whether or not there are any special events going on during your trip.

As for the hours the park is open during your Disney World vacation, keep in mind that they will vary by season. In the summer months, the Magic Kingdom can be open as late as 11:00 P. M. During the winter holiday season, the Kingdom is generally open until around midnight. The other parks in the Disney World park area generally close a little earlier than the Magic Kingdom, so if Epcot and Animal Kingdom are important parts of your planned vacation, keep that in mind.

As for the weather, if you plan to go in the summer you can expect to encounter plenty of heat and high humidity. You may be advised by Disney World vacation veterans that if you go in the summer you may want to consider going in the morning, taking a break during the hot afternoon, then returning for a warm evening of fun under the lights of the park. Also, during the summer, you can expect to encounter the occasional rain storm. Just be prepared and don’t let a little rain spoil your enjoyment of the park.

So when is exactly is the best time to take a Disney World vacation so as to account for all of these factors? Between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays make a good choice. There are lovely holiday decorations in the park, but with smaller crowds than may be found in the summer time. The Magic Kingdom will close a little earlier that time of year and the weather can be a bit unpredictable. January is also a good one since school is back after the holiday and thus cuts down the crowds. The basic rule of thumb is that if you choose to go at a time when most kids are in school, the crowds will definitely be lighter.

A Disney World vacation is a great even to plan with your family. Children and adults alike enjoy the Magic Kingdom and all of the fun it contains. One of the keys to a successful Disney World vacation is the timing. Take into account the weather, crowds, park hours, and special events along with your personal schedule and you can help your family to enjoy a wonderful Disney World vacation.

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