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Visit Mykonos and rent a villa in Mykonos

Yiannis Kourtakis

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Greece has an extensive number of islands, of which Mykonos is notable. Its nickname is ‘The Island of the Winds’ and it is for good reason. The island has two seasonal winds; in winter, winds blow from the South and are accompanied by electrical storms, while in July and August at the hight of the summer, cooling winds come from the North. With an area of 85.5 square kilometers and an elevation of 341 meters at the highest point, Mykonos is neither too small to be explored over a long weekend, nor too flat to present an enticing challenge to hikers.

Mykonos is perfect for a short vacation. Having a Mediterranean climate, the sun shines for up to 300 days a year. The summers are long and warm while the winters are mild and rainy. Just pick out one of the many Mykonos villas to stay in. As the island’s economy mainly depends on tourism, there are many attractions for holiday makers to see and visit. While there are hotels on the island, there are also many opportunities to rent a villa in Mykonos for a reasonable price, but also book in advance because places are being sold out fast, especially in the summer.

The island has a population of around 12,500 people. There are ten villages in Mykonos, the capital of which is Chora has a port. The towns have beautiful architecture, with buildings made from clay and granite being painted mainly with white which have ocean blue furnishings. The neoclassical architecture makes Mykonos real estate highly sought after. You can take a day trip to the rocky beaches of the island and even fish for crabs in the sea if you want. The island gets much of its water from the reverse osmosis of sea water through the porous rocks which form rock ponds and also wells.

If the sea air makes you feel peckish, you can go to a restaurant and try one of the many local delicacies. Mykonos is particularly famous for its range of special desserts. One popular choice is the amygdalota, a sweet soft almond biscuit served with a cherry. After dinner, there is a burgeoning nightlife, including nightclubs. There are neon-lit pool parties and raves but also quieter, more low-key bars and cafes where traditional Greek music is played live. You’ll find most of the Mykonos nightlife in Little Venice, a picturesque quarter of Chora which is popular amongst artists and art lovers for its many galleries.

Aside from the nightlife, Mykonos is also well known for its churches and monasteries. There are over 500 smattered around this small island. Like the rest of Mykonos’ architecture, the churches have a brilliant white, structurally elegant color and unadorned to the point of being minimalistic. Step inside the Church of Panagia Paraportiani near the coast of Chora, which was built in 1425. Listen to the gentle sound of the sea and marvel at peace of your surroundings, at the ages which this building has seen and endured.

In the 11th century BC, Mykonos was first settled by the Ionians from Athens. Because the island was not far from the neighbouring island of Delos, it became an important location for supplies and transit. It later came under control by the Romans during the great Roman Empire. As a result of tumultuous conflicts, the island changed hands many times, becoming part of the Byzantine Empire, then the Catalans’ and the Venetians’. Regardless, until the 18th Century the island was a prosperous as a trading center, despite the problem of being regularly raided by gangs of pirates. After the Second World War, the island became a hotspot for artists as well as archeologists, as it is the site of many important excavations. Now the economy of Mykonos relies to a large extent upon tourism.

The island has a rich mythology, being named after its first ruler Mykons who, according to the legend, was related to the god Apollo. The island was said to have been the site of a great battle between Zeus and the Titans. The large rocks around Mykonos are supposed to be the corpses and body parts of these mighty giants, who were defeated by Hercules after he lured them down from Mount Olympus.

For a history buff there are several museums on Mykonos including a Folklore, Agricultural and Maritime Museum which feature centuries old relics native to the island and around the Greek isles more generally. These will give you an insight into Greece’s rich cultural traditions, important historical events which made the island what it is today and opportunities to pick up rare and interesting mementos. There are also historical structures such as the amazing Boni Windmill, which has been around for centuries. Part of the enduring appeal of Mykonos is the way it blends ancient art and architecture with modern design and entertainment. There is even an open air movie theatre available to the public. If you’re more of an outdoorsman, you can go scuba diving and visit the amazing world that most visitors don’t see, the extensive array of underwater life; brightly coloured fish and coral, algae covered sunken ships and underwater caves present you with hours of exploration. You can get certification and instruction as well on the island by helpful professional divers. You can also hire a special underwater camera to take interesting shots.

This island is perfect for a vacation of a week or a month, but you might nonetheless be seduced by its sapphire blue shores, the unhurried pace of life and the generous, welcoming character of its noble inhabitants. There are many cases you’ll surely want to buy a villa in Mykonos, as well as a boat. There are worse ways to spend your years than sitting on the beach in the shade of the afternoon, grilling the fish that you caught that morning. You might even see Petros the pelican, the official mascot of the island. Still, even if only for a short while, visiting Mykonos is a truly unmissable opportunity.

Mykonos, nicknamed ‘The Island of Winds’ is perfect for a short vacation, having long summers and mild winters. It’s economy is based on tourism too, so there’s a lot of things for visitors to see and explore. You can rent a villa in Mykonos for a broad range of prices, from £50 per night to £500 pounds a night. The price depends on where the villa is, the view it overlooks, the amenities which are available, how long you’ll be staying for and how many people you will be staying with during your vacation. Villas in Mykonos are well known for their beautiful architecture as well as their breathtaking views.

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