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Why spend your hard earned money on a vacation year after year and having nothing but pictures to show when it’s over? Travel experts are warning us that vacation prices are only going to get higher, especially in lieu of the alarming rate that gas prices are reaching. The time has come to plan your vacations and get the most value for your money. The time has come for you to join the fastest-growing segment of the travel and tourism industry – timesharing.

Timesharing is a pre-paid vacation that you own. You can purchase shares at golf resorts, seaside resorts or ski resorts at price that range from $5,000 -$15,000 (average) depending on the location and the amount of time you buy. According to the Better Business Bureau, low-end accommodations are usually a studio apartment; where as high end could be a luxurious two-bedroom condo.

Timeshares are either “fee simple" or “right to use. " “Fee simple" means the buyer owns title to a fraction of a unit, and “right to use" guarantees the owner has the use of the unit for a specific time, but has no ownership interest.

You now find most major hotel chains offer timeshares in their facilities located near major attractions. Families are buying into them because they offer a great location, reasonable price, flexibility and recreation. If you prefer golfing, and would rather have a timeshare for adults only, the choice is yours. If you have children and pets and love the beach, there are many available timeshares that will accommodate your needs. You purchase the time you want –a week, two, three, etc. , and you own it.

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Miami Florida Timeshares - How To Enjoy The Beauty Of Miami Florida Timeshares
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