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Yurt Plans - Reestablish your vacations


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Yurts are the ancient idea of residing that is easier and convenient to make, a better security place that takes you closer to nature. It is therefore that the yurts have been gaining an increasing importance in the modern days too. Modern day picnickers and travelers find it very exciting to reside in yurts and avail a total exclusive experience. However some people like to avail an experience in residing in the readymade yurts some like to opt for readymade yurts. Thus you need to get acquainted with the Yurt plan in order to create your own yurt, reside in it or try out Yurt Camping. It is just a matter of hours to create a yurt and reside in it. It is totally different experience to reside in the yurt that is made by our hands. The whole process takes you closer to the nature.

Yurt is a very old domicile form which existed in many parts of the world, Mongolians call it ger, Afghans call it Jirga, Pakistanis call it gher, and Indians call it ghar. In all parts of the world with different names, Yurts basically means a home. Yurts plans are configured in different forms and types. However yurts are seen to be growing in popularity in the recent years and seem to be in increasing requirement with the recent times. These yurts appear to be having an appropriate blend with the nature and thus simplicity is the prime factor when building a yurt is concerned. The natural aura is basically accomplished with the arched walls of the yurts. We usually prefer outings and safaris in order to acquaint to the nature however; yurts are made with complete natural objects which forms its amicable existence with the nature. Building a yurt involves elements like pleasant appearance, affordability and consistence in order to stand for any season.

Yurts are basically made up of wooden framework covered with a fabric skin. As yurts are flexible and portable, the structure can be constructed or de-constructed in just a matter of hours. There are three major types of yurt plans that are been acknowledged by the people around the world for the formation of the yurts. These three types are the Kirgiz Yurts, the Two Tiered Yurt and the Mongol Yurt or Kalmuk ger.

  1. The Kirgiz Yurt: The Kirgiz Yurt has bent wood roof rods. The shape basically forms as a crown which has a dome above. These types of yurts are frequently used by Kirgiz, Kazak, Uzbek and Turkish people.
  2. The Two Tiered Yurts: The Two Tiered Yurts are basically having a pointed roof and two layered section for the walls that are positioned one on the other. These types of Yurts are frequently used by Uzbeks and Arabs residing in Afghanistan.
  3. The Mongol Yurt or Kalmuk Ger: The Mongol Yurt has straight roof rods forming a heavy timber crown; it is sustained by two upright poles adjusted within a wooden door. These yurts are more or less used by Mongolians. The Mongol Yurts are also known as Kalmuk Ger by the locals in Mongolia.

Yurts are basically considered as one of the most cozy and comfortable place to reside which enables you to get closer to the nature on one hand while experience a complete luxurious experience on the other. Some people also like to opt for readymade yurts provided by some resorts like Rio Resort wherein you can directly try out some effective Yurt Plans .


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